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Hospitality Kiosks

Digital signage technology used in hospitality, such as concierge hotel kiosks, are no longer perceived as a luxury only suited for high end establishments. Instead, touch screen hospitality kiosks are fast becoming a staple in modern customer service.

Hotels and other hospitality sectors are using hospitality digital signage to maximise sales and automate hotel operations. imageHOLDERS offer a variety of digital signage solutions for hospitality including iPad kiosks and tablet enclosures that encourage interactivity with customers, allowing hospitality sectors to enhance their customer experience and in-house service.

Digital Signage for Hospitality

Hospitality kiosks are displayed in enclosures designed to engage with customers even when the front of house staff aren’t available to assist. A bar kiosk can provide a digital menu or entertainment hub which can upsell even when staff are busy.

The positive impact hospitality kiosks are having in front of house services can also be used to improve back of house functions and visitor management. With self-check-in hotel kiosks, guests can be processed efficiently with reduced errors.

Key Benefits

Back-of-House Hospitality Kiosks

From a tablet kiosk, access control and room management are easily accessible, improving time management and security.

Preferred Payment Method

30% of customers regularly utilise mobile apps to pay at restaurant and hotel POS systems.

Interactive Entertainment

Interactive entertainment kiosks encourage customers to spend more time browsing and increase add on sales.

Hotel Self Check-in/out Kiosks

Over 60% of travellers prefer to purchase or reserve hotel services using mobile platforms. Hotel kiosks ensure customers are always able to check-in or out with ease and pay outstanding bills quickly and easily.

Digital Loyalty Programmes

By offering incentives within hotels via digital hospitality signage, e.g. upgrades for returning guests, hospitality sectors can go digital with their loyalty schemes.

Health & Safety

Integrating health conscious devices such as temperature check kiosks, hand sanitiser dispensers and QR code scanners for track and trace, hospitality kiosks can ensure necessary precautions are being taken.

Improved Customer Journey

By digitising the front of house with digital menu boards within hotel restaurants or a bar kiosk, guests and customers can browse different options with ease. With back of house integration, orders are processed seamlessly, establishing a high-speed reaction and improving the customer journey.

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Sectors Within Hospitality


A single self-check-in kiosk can be transformative in a hotel reception. Hospitality kiosks improve efficiency, reduce human error and increase customer satisfaction. Implementing hotel POS systems and hotel digital signage solutions gives businesses the ability to up-sell customers even when staff is unavailable.

Exhibitions, Trade Shows & Events

Hospitality digital signage is advantageous for both the staff and the customers of events and trade shows. A digital exhibition kiosk can assist staff with administrative tasks and POS systems. Trade show kiosks give the benefit of digital signage and the option of implementing a digital event registration system.

Restaurants, Coffee Shops & Bars

The food and beverage industry benefits hugely from restaurant hospitality kiosk and POS systems. Portable restaurant POS iPad used by staff and self-service kiosks increase efficiency, reduce errors and boost revenue. A coffee shop or juice bar kiosk will make ordering easier and quicker, providing the opportunity to serve more customers in less time.

Fast Food

Fast food should be fast, right? Fast food restaurants need to accommodate heavy footfall which can be managed with the implementation of a self-ordering system. Self-service hospitality kiosks are more engaging and give the customer control of their order. What’s more is with the entire menu to peruse on the ordering system, the customer is more likely to buy more too. Self-service kiosks are the future of fast food – giving more availability to in-house staff to manage other tasks.

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