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Elo Touch produce multiple products that are ready to be enhanced by an imageHOLDERS enclosure. Elo Touch have manufactured Touchscreen Monitors, Touchscreen Signage, POS Terminals, Touchscreen Computers, Open Frame Touchscreens and Touchscreen Display Modules. Elo digital signage can be further enhanced by an integrated imageHOLDERS kiosk enclosure. The Elo interactive signage are easily accessible by Elo kiosk stands or Elo wall mounts.

Image showing the construction of Elo computer kiosk enclosures

Key Benefits of Elo Devices

Perfect POS

Elo Touch specialise in POS screens, therefore you’re in safe hands if you’re looking for a core device that will help you secure some extra revenue.

Larger Screens

Elo Touch offer a wide range of screen sizes, making their devices optimal for digital signage, marketing purposes and wayfinding.

Touchscreen Display

Elo Touch supply touchscreen screens and monitors, offering interactive which will boost engagement with customers and productivity for staff.

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Device Brands & Models

imageHOLDERS support multiple devices and models, remaining agnostic towards brands. This allows us to facilitate widespread business and industry requirements whilst building considerable insight, knowledge and expertise across an extensive range of tablets, computers, monitors and devices.

Elo Devices

We custom build our kiosk enclosures and, therefore, can fit an abundant of tablets, computers and smart devices. Below, we have listed some of Elo’s most popular devices, despite our kiosk designs not being limited by device or size. Please get in touch to discuss your project.

2202L 22″ Touchscreen Monitor

10-inch I-Series for Android with Android Open Source (2.0)

15-inch (16:9) EloPOS™ System

22-inch I-Series for Windows (2.0)

1790L 17″ Open Frame Touchscreen

Interested in integrating your Elo device?

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