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A books kiosk is the main library kiosk system and for good reason: a single library self-service kiosk is transformative for efficiency, organisation, engagement and productivity. Plus, library tablet kiosks can be used within the library coffee shops and canteens. A library kiosk isn’t only for library self checkout!

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Benefits of Library Kiosks

Covid-19 Secure Visitor Management

A variety of optional add-on devices, such as hand sanitiser dispenser and fever check cameras, ensure secure and safe visitor management.

Efficient and Accurate Administration

Kiosks speed up administrative tasks and aid library management with the appropriate software.

Self-Service Book Rental

School, university and stand-alone libraries will increase book rentals by implementing self-service book rental kiosks.

Developing Libraries: simple book and equipment rental

Kiosk enclosures with added scanner devices are ideal for library settings. Easy-to-install software allows the kiosk to host the entire catalogue of books and equipment and added scanner devices authorises students and staff to scan their ID and the barcode of the book to check it out themselves.

This can also work for renting technology such as tablets and PCs.

Self-checkouts reduce queues, manual data entry, overhead costs, paperwork and increases efficiency.

Popular Device Integrations


Barcode Scanner

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Fever Check Camera

Payment Devices

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Coffee Shops & Canteens

Library kiosks are ideal for food and beverage locations on the campus. Customers can quickly and easily navigate menus and order. Plus, self-service checkouts with integrated POS devices is a huge revenue booster.

Sharing the Menu

Another setting that kiosks thrive in are the cafes and canteens. Screens can display the entire menu and electronic signage on any changes to the menu that particular day.

Additionally, software can be installed so students can order their meals straight off the kiosk, again improving student satisfaction and efficiency.


Adding Credit

Many students, in both schools and universities, have cards or accounts specific to the institution to order food from. These can also be easily topped up on kiosks with the addition of a payment device. Payment devices can be contactless or chip and pin.

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