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Councils & Voting Stations

Touchscreen interactive kiosks and digital signage kiosks are normal practice in so many industries and the versatility of kiosks would hugely benefit public services such as councils and voting stations.

Kiosks can refine internal procedures and also, due to the wide acceptance of touchscreens and the ease of use of kiosks, work to connect councils with the public and used for efficient and accurate voting.

Councils & Voting Station Kiosk Functions

User accessing a restricted area with a visitor management kiosk access control panel.

Kiosks can be used both internally within the public service sector and externally, for contacting with customers. Waiting rooms and receptions are often busy with heavy footfall, check-in kiosks for meetings can help reduce queues and waiting time, therefore increasing efficiency.

Multi-lingual kiosk software can be used to connect with foreign language speakers, aiding councils in assisting those who’s first language is not English.


Visual of the imageHOLDERS access control kiosk family

Further, Kiosks can be used for easily reporting incidents; kiosk software allows for incidents to be automatically filed in an organised and prioritised fashion, boosting productivity at councils.

Additionally, kiosks can be used as information points, for digital signage and for receiving valuable feedback via surveys.

POS self-service kiosks can be used for paying parking fines, tax, permits and licenses. This can be done simply and swiftly, reducing time and admin for both the public and the council.

Glass Wall Mount Secure Tablet Enclosure for Room Booking Solutions

Internally, kiosks can be used for booking meetings, time & attendance and access control.

Kiosks can be used for secure and efficient voting, reducing queues, encouraging more engagement  and avoiding human error. Biometric scanners can be used to ensure user identity.

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The Benefits of Council Kiosks

Optimal Security

Kiosks can be used for high security access control, which is imperative for public service sectors such as councils and voting stations. Biometric scanners, facial recognition cameras and QR code or barcode scanners can all be integrated for different levels of permissions.

Visitor Management

Kiosks can effectively manage who enters a building, whilst doing all the necessary health checks. Fever check cameras test temperature on entry, whilst hand sanitiser dispensers mitigate risk. Visitors can be logged into the system and a printer can quickly print a guest pass.

Public Engagement

Digital signage kiosks display helpful information, which can be interactive to share more insight. Touchscreen kiosks can be used for survey feedback or to log incidents or check-in for pre-arranged meetings. All data can be stored efficiently and prioritised automatically, freeing up council time.

Taking Payment

Integrating payment devices for POS is ideal for simple and swift payments for parking tickets, fines, tax and licenses. This avoids complicated website systems for users or long queues at council offices.

Popular Device Integrations

Barcode & QR Code Scanners

Biometric Scanners

Facial Recognition Cameras

POS Payment Devices

Temperature Check Cameras

The Benefits of Voting Station Kiosks


Self-service voting kiosks could create a more reliable and smooth-running electoral process. It may also prevent people from voting more than once, which is an ongoing concern with the current paper system. Additionally, voting via self-service kiosks could prevent people from submitting further photocopied ballot papers that corrupt the final result.


Unfortunately, people with a disability are still facing inequality in the voting system. Voting via digital kiosks is a popular concept among those determined to make voting more accessible. ADA compliant touch screen kiosks and enclosures allow people to cast a vote with ease, giving voters far more independence.


The current electoral system uses a huge amount of paper from ballot papers to address booklets; self-service voting kiosks could eliminate much of this waste. Digital kiosk enclosures are secure and durable, lasting for years when well-maintained.

Time Saving

Custom iPad and tablet enclosures are able to verify voters and mark them off on electronic electoral rolls, safeguarding against people trying to vote more than once while speeding up the administrative process. Electronic voting will also mean the results are decided quickly, instead of manually counting each ballot paper.

Council & Voting Station Kiosk Software

Browse our list of software partners that make our kiosks function for museums and galleries seamlessly.

The Future of Voting Kiosks

While the debate surrounding digital voting kiosks continues, it seems there’s immediate scope for voting registration kiosks. Voter registration is vital for democracy and when placed in convenient locations such as shopping malls or libraries, self-service voting kiosks could boost the number of voters. Visualise the future through our recent project with a market leading voting software vendor, where we built an interactive voting kiosk with a 2D scanner and USB ports.

Digital kiosks also offer a PR opportunity during the months or weeks leading up to elections. With so much misinformation readily available, political parties could use promotional kiosks to set the record straight.

imageHOLDERS kiosks are built bespoke for your specifications. Learn more about our process or talk to a member of our friendly team about our standard kiosk, computer or digital display solutions.

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