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The Benefits of Self Service Kiosks in Public Services

Councils are responsible for the public services we each use including schools, libraries and car parks. Technology such as iPad kiosks can provide a means to easily integrate all data and usage, to benefit both the council and residents alike. By logging this data using an interactive kiosk it can streamline existing procedures into one, no matter the location of the service.

Here are some ways that self-service kiosks can be integrated into public services:

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The Library – Using a Library Kiosk to Search the Library Database

Day-to-day library services can range from renting books, to paying loan fines and sourcing new books. A library kiosk can support all of these tasks by eliminating any paper-based transactions, alongside providing a quick, accessible means for visitors to search the newest additions to the library, keep track of the books they borrow and review titles they’ve read. School and university students can benefit even further from a library kiosk system, which can store thousands of resources, engage learners and provide inventory!

Car Parks – Using a Tablet Kiosk to Pay for Car Parking

Due to contactless cards and new technology, it’s found that Britons now carry less than £5 in cash in their wallets, with more than 1 in 10 saying they have no hard cash at all, according to Mastercard. The same figure has been recorded in America. Apps such as Pay by Phone are becoming increasingly popular. The frustration with these parking apps is that they request users to register to use it, and sometimes they don’t have the time. A self-service kiosk could enable users to find a quick solution; tap and choose their stay duration, and pay using the familiar contactless reader. Both options are available with the Loxo Nano tablet kiosk.

Schools – Interactive Kiosks for Parents and Students

Staying on top of half term dates, parents’ evenings and school activities isn’t easy. A touch screen kiosk could be used by parents to remind them of these events, as well as being a tool for schools to prompt for feedback. An interactive system could automatically update to internal CRMs, so the relevant school staff could review this immediately. An easy-to-use interactive kiosk could enable students to register their attendance, eliminating manual recording of this; or a resource to search for reading lists and class timetables.

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