The hardware used in an interactive kiosk enclosure may require your business to employ a computer rather than a tablet. Luckily, we build computer kiosk enclosures too. Tablet kiosks can be restricted when it comes to powering multiple devices due to their lack of ports. At imageHOLDERS, we offer our own tablet hub solutions that enable multiple devices to be connected to a tablet kiosk at one time. Our tablet and PC kiosks can be combined with any device securely for a multi-functional digital kiosk solution.

Computer kiosks are available in more sizes than tablet kiosks and are typically sized 15.6” and larger. Touch screen computer kiosks are therefore ideal for marketing and as a POS where customers need to browse several items.

Key Benefits of Computer Kiosks

Larger Screens

Some tasks do require a larger screen. Computer kiosks are ideal for displaying digestible and easily accessible information whilst still promoting interactivity.

Multiple Ports

Computer kiosks tend to have more ports and therefore more freedom to add a variety of additional devices to the kiosk enclosure, without having to incorporate a tablet USB Hub.

Powerful Systems

Using a PC in your kiosk enclosure ensures your company’s technology is powerful, secure and reliable. If you need more advanced software then computer kiosks would be equipped to support the software.

Computer Kiosk Uses

Computer PC kiosk enclosures can optimise a wide range of industries, sectors and applications. All businesses would benefit from increased productivity, engagement, efficiency and revenue – all of which is improved by a computer kiosk.

PC kiosks can be used for digital signage, wayfinding, POS self-service checkouts, digital catalogues and visitor management check-in stations, to name just a few.

Kiosk enclosures that use a computer as the main device allows the kiosk to be a multi-channel solution, due to the ability to connect and power multiple additional devices and run powerful software simultaneously.

Computer Kiosk Enclosure Popular Use Cases

Wayfinding & Information Points

Digital Catalogues, Articles & Promotions

Visitor Management & Access Control

Digital Menu and Restaurant Self-Service

Payment POS for Self-Checkout

Customer Feedback, Loyalty Schemes & Lead Generation

Interested in enhancing your business with a computer kiosk enclosure?