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Exhibitions, Trade Shows & Events

Exhibition tablet stands are advantageous for both the staff and the customers at events. Using a digital exhibition kiosk can assist staff with administrative tasks and POS systems, and an iPad exhibition stand or interactive touch screen is engaging for the customer. From digital signage to event registration systems, imageHOLDERS specialise in enclosures and exhibition tablet stands that can be integrated with a variety of devices, allowing trade shows, exhibitions and events to run smoothly and efficiently.

Exhibition Kiosk Device Integrations

Payment Devices

Barcode & QR Scanners

Fever Check Cameras

Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Biometric Scanners


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Digitising Exhibitions with Exhibition Kiosks

Displaying at trade shows, exhibitions and events is expensive, so it’s essential that they provide a good return on investment; delivering data, engagement and leads.

Our range of iPad exhibition stands and kiosks engage visitors with your brand, product or service. By presenting your product or service via a touch screen exhibition display, your customers are more intrigued, data collection is streamlined and your sales strategy is digitised.

Bespoke Exhibition Kiosk Enclosures

The distinctive and highly durable designs of imageHOLDERS’ range of trade show and exhibition kiosks can withstand high traffic environments. The secure, stylish and sleek designs have been sought-after by several clients including Bosch and Oakley Mobile, who continue to use their custom-built touch screen exhibition kiosks and tablet stands for events, trade shows and exhibitions worldwide.

User accessing a restricted area with a visitor management kiosk access control panel.

Staff Check-In Exhibition Tablet Stands

Events employ a huge amount of staff to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Rather than having a human-to-human check-in point for staff, event hosts can employ an touch screen exhibition visitor management kiosk which scans a code, uses facial recognition and/or takes and prints a photo for a physical staff pass. All these devices can be integrated into an imageHOLDERS enclosure for maximum efficiency.

Render showing a mobile phone being scanned by a kiosk integrated with biometric scanner

Event Registration

Registration is now even more important, due to the requirements of track and trace. The company hosting the event need to be able to contact all the attendees should someone be tested positive for Covid-19. This can be done via sign up forms on an exhibition tablet stand, or QR codes – a frictionless registration.

Exhibition kiosks on entrance can be fitted with a QR code scanner so that guests can scan their unique QR code to check in and be granted access to the event. This will automatically create a list of contacts for the hosts for post-event marketing and track and trace should it be required.

Self-Service Kiosks

There has been a surge in self-service kiosks across a multitude of industries since the coronavirus outbreak, and this will be no different for the event industry. Catering will shift to tablet, kiosks or app menus and ordering systems while self-service exhibition kiosks will man the retail elements.

Contactless payment devices, scales and tablets displaying the menus can all be fitted into an imageHOLDERS enclosure for a frictionless catering solution.

Key Benefits

Gather Data

Provide attendees with branded iPad exhibition stands to browse the internet and integrate email sign-ups to gather valuable customer data for marketing purposes.

Showcase Products

Digital brochures on exhibition kiosks can ensure you can showcase your core products even when they aren’t to hand.

Only 8% of Attendees are 100% Engaged

Showcasing stunning visuals of your product or brand with an iPad exhibition kiosk can ensure you capture everyone’s attention. Display a video of your latest campaign or create an interactive digital catalogue.

Exhibition POS Kiosks Systems

Streamline customer purchases and increase sales with a POS kiosk, featuring the latest technology to enhance the instore experience.

Provide Incentives for Visiting Your Stand

Entice attendees to visit your exhibition by offering voucher codes which can be sent upon receipt of the email.

Capture Leads

Scan attendee badges, send emails and show data sheets with a dock and lock exhibition tablet stand.

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Implementing Health Precautions Using Interactive Kiosks

Shot of imageHOLDERS visitor management kiosk range without a counter

Temperature Checks

In the current climate, events can only re-open with the appropriate health precautions. On arrival temperature checks should be issued to mitigate risk of the spread of the virus from symptomatic attendees. If anyone has a fever, they will be denied entry. Exhibition tablet stands installed with a thermal temperature check camera can automatically fever-check for optimum efficiency on entry and is a socially distanced alternative to needing someone to administer temperature checks via a temperature scanning gun.

Health and safety interactive kiosk

Event Hygiene

Touchless hand sanitiser dispensers can be retro-fitted to imageHOLDERS exhibition kiosks. Due to our modular design, entry kiosks can integrate multiple devices. This means a thermal camera, barcode scanner and sanitiser dispenser can all be fitted to the entry kiosk, providing one health-conscious visitor management solution.

Social Distancing, Room Layout & Digital Signage

Digital signage is an ideal solution for adapting messaging depending on the government advice. It also makes navigating the event location clearer and safer. Exhibition kiosk stands can be spread out in line with social distancing measures, should there be any at the time.

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