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How Exhibition Kiosks Can Digitalise Your Sales Strategy

Trade shows, exhibitions and events can fall flat without assistance from an interactive platform. Enhance your user engagement, data and lead collection with tablet kiosks.

Events, exhibitions and trade shows are expensive; it’s essential that they provide good return on investment and deliver the data, engagement and leads you need. The good news is, tablet kiosks can increase your chance of all three. Best of all, they’re hardwearing, eliminate the need for paper, and enclose devices that work quickly. By presenting your product/service with a device housed in an attractive tablet enclosure, your customers are more intrigued, data collection is streamlined and your sales strategy is digitalised.

Increase data capture with an exhibition tablet kiosk

Trade show, exhibition and event kiosks can house a range of different devices to suit your data collection preferences. Choose a data collection app and start to collect feedback, IMG_5476gather e-signatures, and survey/poll responses at the touch of a button. Once collected, the data can be accessed on any device and by any member of your team.

Engage your audience with tablet kiosks

Paper-based promotional products are one sided, whereas exhibition kiosks make the user feel involved. By connecting the customer to a fun, interactive process, they are much more likely to engage in the first place, and do so for longer. Use an iPad stand for exhibitions to show off products or an event kiosk to demonstrate software, play audio or share educational information.

Advance and complete leads with a tablet enclosure

Tablet kiosks can be customised to integrate a number of devices with software to help you achieve your sales target, such as a contactless payment device, scanner or printer. Use an exhibition event POS system to distribute voucher codes, set up a lead management app, collect customer information and allow them to purchase on the spot – with a receipt!

Once the show is over, there’s no need to collect all of your promotional paperwork and surveys. Simply export the data to your CRM and use the results instantly to your advantage. imageHOLDERS manufacture trade show, exhibition and event kiosks that are hardwearing and secure, allowing you to leave your tablet overnight and transport promotional items easily – saving time and money!

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