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Train & Bus Station Kiosks

Interactive kiosks at train and bus stations offer a positive user journey, promote accessibility and increase efficiency and revenue. 

Curved and Straight Full Integration Kiosk

Improve Multiple User Journeys with a Kiosk Solution

Kiosks are ideal for access control, visitor management and POS self-service payment collectors. Customers can simply navigate train and bus times on a touchscreen kiosk interface and pay for tickets via a payment chip and pin or contactless device. Tickets can be printed via an integrated printer on the kiosk enclosure. 

Popular Device Integrations

Contactless Readers

Chip and Pin Payment Devices


Barcode & QR Code Scanners

Bus & Train Station Kiosk Functions

1 Printing tickets for train or bus journeys

2 Interactive touchscreen for viewing timetables and selecting train or bus tickets 

3 Scanning railcards, oyster cards and season tickets

4 Buying travel and season tickets

5 Access control for staff

6 Adding credit to oyster cards

7 Gaining feedback via surveys on interactive kiosks

8 Digital signage for helpful information such as bus or train times, travel updates or government guidelines 

9 Self-service food and drink sales

Benefits of Bus & Train Station Kiosks

Positive Customer Experience

Simple and efficient payment and printing of tickets reduces queues and gives customers a positive user experience.

Increase Efficiency and Cut Queues

Installing self-service kiosks for ticket payments, scanning of railcards, bus cards or season tickets and food sales increases efficiency, footfall and cuts queues.

Boost Revenue

Encourage more sales by increasing engagement with food and drink sales or add-on upgrades to first class or additional services with a kiosk that effortlessly upsells.

Capture Valuable Data

Capture real time data using surveys for feedback on the touch screen kiosk interface.

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Tablet Enclosure and iPad Kiosk With Integrated Contactless

Train & Bus Station Kiosk Software

Browse our list of software partners that make our kiosks function for train and bus stations seamlessly.

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