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The food and beverage industry benefits hugely from restaurant POS systems. This could be in the form of a portable restaurant POS iPad used by the in-house staff or a self-service kiosk, which implements a restaurant self-ordering system. All of the above increase efficiency and engagement, reduce errors and boost revenue. A coffee shop or juice bar kiosk will make ordering easier and quicker and therefore give businesses opportunity to service more customers in less time.


Consumers would rather use an electronic payment system


Say self service kiosks in restaurants are a factor in choosing restaurants


Minute reduction in customer wait time per meal ordered


Increase in orders of desserts and appetizers when using an iPad POS system

Crepeaffaire work with imageHOLDERS on POS tablet kiosk
Tablet kiosks and iPad kiosks for POS used in Crepeaffaire restaurant.

Technology Revolutionising Dining Experiences

Technology has revolutionised how we find and rate restaurants and hotels, so it’s only natural for people to expect technology to aid them in their dining experiences. The most effective way to introduce technology and, ultimately, maximise sales is via restaurant kiosk POS systems. Our touch screen ordering systems for restaurants allow you to interact with your customers, improve customer service and provide a digital dining experience.

Loxo 12 Counter Mounted Kiosk with Miura Payment Device and Barcode Scanner

Increase Revenue

Save your customers up to five minutes per meal when they order or pay with our iPad POS systems for restaurants. Integrate with a range of software providers to offer a digital menu, special offers, entertainment apps and more – digital menus make it so easy to up-sell by constantly showing customers what they could add to their order. Place our restaurant self-order kiosks on your table tops and tempt them with stunning visuals; watch orders of desserts and appetizers increase by 30%!

Key Benefits

Increase Sales with POS

52% of consumers would rather use an electronic payment system.

Increase Footfall

Incentivise customers with touch screen ordering systems.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Technology is an important factor for consumers. 25% say self service kiosks in restaurants are a factor in choosing restaurants

Queue Bust

Reduce customer wait times by up to 5 minutes per meal ordered

Upsell with Ease

iPad POS systems in restaurants see orders of desserts and appetizers increase by 30%

Change the Face of Hospitality

Tablets in restaurants create a modern and welcoming feel and give consumers payment options with integrated restaurant POS systems

Self-Service Stand & Compact Terminal

Popular Device Integrations

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