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How Restaurant Kiosks Improve Customer Service

Every restaurant owner has two goals: satisfied customers and monetary profits. The use of technology in the food service industry has seen an increase in both, due to the improved service offered by iPad kiosks.

How have iPad kiosks improved customer service?

There are many aspects of customer service that contribute to feelings about the establishment upon leaving, including order waiting times, service times and the taste of food. Tablet enclosure kiosks provide a means to cut any frustration that customers may feel having to wait for a waiter/waitress to be free to take their order; particularly during busy times when the wait duration will likely be longer than usual. This is the same for bill payments, as they can use the iPad kiosk with contactless or cash acceptors.

Restaurants and Fast Food Benefit from Self Service Kiosks

How can self service kiosks lead to an increase in profits?

Restaurants in America using iPad and tablet kiosks have seen a 30% increase in dessert and appetizer sales from people using a restaurant kiosk to place their order. This could be due to customers feeling more comfortable and less self-conscious ordering from a food kiosk, rather than face to face.

In addition, it’s not only food orders that have increased, but the number of customers. Due to the efficient and faster service that restaurant POS systems afford, people spend less time in the venue and more tables can be filled.

Integrator Pro 10 for Restaurants and mPOS Terminals

Is there an impact on waiting staff?

This question often pops up; we understand the benefits of technology, but is it impacting jobs of the floor staff? In recent weeks, stories have emerged of how systems such as Ziosk’s have had a detrimental impact on staff in American chain restaurants. Ziosk is a pay-at-the-table tablet kiosk that eliminates all interaction with your server and prompts the customer to complete a satisfaction survey upon finishing.

Controversially, some chains have used the feedback to cut staff working hours and remove them from shifts, which, when the feedback could be about the cooked food, has caused upset for workers.

The last thing a company wants to do is put unnecessary pressure and stress on its staff. The benefit of self-service kiosks is faster and more efficient ways of ordering, which should reduce wait times and avoid negative reviews. The aim of restaurant kiosks isn’t to devalue staff, or to be used as a means of filtering workers. The purpose of iPad kiosks, (at least, we believe at imageHOLDERS), is to improve the user/customer experience with your restaurant – which it will – and to support servers. At the end of the day, people still want service with a smile!

Ultimately people want fast customer service. We make sure that’s achieved with our food kiosks, if you promise to make the food as delicious as always!


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