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Digital Access Control Kiosk

A digital visitor access control kiosk helps to protect resources or information using the latest advancements in technology. Access control kiosks can be controlled using a range of different credentials, such as QR code or passport scanners, biometric readers and facial recognition cameras.

The levels of control used in a security kiosk depend on the level of security required. The different types vary in cost but while traditional key cards and ID tags are still popular, there has been a dramatic move to access control kiosks with biometric data access.

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Biometric Access Control Kiosks

Biometric kiosks are integrated with unique identifiers such as fingerprint technology and facial recognition which ensure positive identification when users attempt to access information or entry to premises, enhancing security.

Our access control kiosks can also be integrated with traditional devices, but by utilising other technologies such as temperature check cameras, a security tablet stand can also carry out health checks before granting access, helping to control a premises’ health and safety.

Slimline Glass Mounted Tablet Enclosure and iPad Kiosk

Access Control Kiosk Functions

  • Visitor management kiosks
  • Meeting room access
  • Wall-mounted room booking
  • Biometric kiosk for high-security areas
  • Door entry card swipe enclosure
  • Interactive self-service kiosk for a quick visitor registration
  • Enhanced health & safety
  • Passport scanners for optimised border and airport access control
  • Access control system to retrieve information or resources digitally or physically

Contact Us to Discuss an Access Control Kiosk Solution

imageHOLDERS highly secure access control kiosks are built bespoke for your specifications. Create a custom visitor management system  from a selection of options. From a temperature screening kiosk with facial recognition to a security kiosk with bar code and QR scanners. Learn more about our process or talk to a member of our friendly team about our standard kiosk, computer kiosks or digital kiosk display solutions.

Access Control Kiosk Benefits

Health and Safety

Visitor management kiosk will allow you to up to date records of who accesses rooms and when, easily obtained remotely in case of an emergency evacuation.

Employee Rota

Access control kiosks provide an accurate record of when staff started and finished work via time management kiosks in workplaces.

Room Access Control Systems

Remotely book meeting rooms with glass mounted room management security kiosks outside meeting rooms to show availability.

Visitor Management

Print labels, scan ID and register visitors on-site with a visitor management kiosk.

Key and Access Control

Use an access control kiosk to easily wipe biometric data from systems when employees leave, saving costs on new cutting new keys or changing locks.

Time Restrictions

Restrict access to resources or rooms at certain times of day with a digital access control system preventing unmanaged access.

COVID-19 Secure

imageHOLDERS access control kiosk enclosures can be integrated with health-conscious devices such as temperature screening kiosk cameras, hand sanitiser dispensers and QR code readers.

High Security

Enhance your security with biometric kiosks, two-factor authentication or temperature screening kiosk with an access control system and face recognition.

COVID-19 Secure

During and post-pandemic, effective access control system has been a necessary requirement, as has the demand for businesses to be adaptable and innovative. imageHOLDERS security kiosks can be designed and retrofitted to fit your specific company’s requirements.

Devices such as barcode/QR scanners and hand sanitiser dispensers, thermal fever detection cameras, card readers and scanners can all be added to an access control kiosk and removed as and when they are needed.

This functionality achieves a less invasive user experience when risk mitigation is less of a priority.

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