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Digital Retail Kiosks & POS Systems

Drive sales and increase footfall with a digital retail POS system from imageHOLDERS. Discover fully customisable automated retail kiosks, tablet stands and more.

Tablet Compact Kiosk for Retail POS Self-Service Kiosks
Tablet Compact Kiosks for iPads and tablets ideal for retail POS self-service tablet kiosks.

Retail POS System And Digital Kiosks

Businesses across the globe are maximising footfall, increasing customer engagement and boosting revenue on the high-street with touchscreen retail kiosks. Our retail digital kiosks are an ideal solution for modernised retail experience. They are widely used in supermarkets, automotive showrooms, and more.

Installing retail tablet stands and interactive kiosks provides a great opportunity to maximise sales. Retail POS systems bring the in-store and digital shopping experience together by creating a perfect customer-focused environment.

Retail Kiosk Functions

Retail digital displays provide product details and stock information

Play promotional adverts, 360° videos or presentations.

Showcase apps and company information

Digital catalogue extension – providing customers with real-time information

Retail POS systems self-service checkout point

Shop via tablet or iPad retail stands with online store catalogue

Enhanced safety with visitor management kiosks

Effectively and efficiently manage stock in the warehouse

High security access control for staff

Show surveys and capture data

imageHOLDERS retail kiosks are built bespoke for your specifications. Learn more about our process or talk to a member of our friendly team about our standard kiosk, computer or digital display solutions.

Benefits of Automated Retail Kiosks

Drive Customer Footfall

Increase customer footfall with interactive retail displays.

Increase Dwell Time by 60%

Keep customers engaged and in store for longer.

Recapture Online Shopping Market Share

The rise in online shopping is increasing at a rapid rate. Recapture customers with interactive and customer friendly retail kiosk solutions.

Modernise In-Store Retailing

iPad and retail tablet stands to create a modern, customer-centric environment.

Increase Payment Choices

Give consumers options on how to pay with iPad and retail tablet stands.

Stay Current

Technology is an important factor for consumers. iPad retail kiosks provide digital catalogue extensions.

Provide A Multi-Channel Retail Experience with Interactive Retail Kiosks

Schematic demonstrating the use of multi-channel kiosk solutions in the retail industr

Retail Kiosk Software

Browse our list of software partners that make our kiosks function for museums and galleries seamlessly.

New Look Deploy In-store Retail Kiosk Solutions

Fashion chain, New Look, placed retail tablet stands in their flagship store to boost sales. Retail kiosks allow customers to order items which are out of stock in the store through the retail POS system. Customers can now browse their online catalogue whilst in store. The secure design of the iPad retail stand ensures that the tablet is protected from damage by high levels of use.

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