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Our Process

From Concept to Creation

imageHOLDERS’s Custom Kiosk Solutions have unparalleled detail and specification. We work closely with you from concept to creation, ensuring a completely bespoke solution that is tailored to your business and required specifications.

Our Products

In addition to our entirely custom service, we have developed a multitude of modular products, which can be bought ‘off the shelf’ as standard.

We have a comprehensive range of product families, built to enhance businesses across a wide range of industries and sectors. All our products boast modular architecture, ensuring the required devices can be integrated or retrofitted to the kiosk enclosure.

All our kiosk products increase efficiency, improve productivity, boost engagement and drive revenue. 

From the moment of enquiry, you are well looked after by our capable team. An iH representative, who specialises in your industry, will take careful time to understand your business, customer journey and any pain points that you are looking to overcome.

We’re there for you, from enquiry through to delivery and aftercare. We even have in-house production and 3D printing facilities so we oversee each step of the process.

Our process is designed to provide bespoke solutions that will overcome any problems your company may be experiencing and increase efficiency, engagement and revenue:

1 Conceptualisation

After a thorough introduction, the product concept is agreed by both parties. Our handy design team create a 3D rendered visualization of your custom kiosk solution so you can start to view your final product aesthetic.

2 Prototyping & Finishing Touches

Now you start to see your business enhancing kiosk come to life. Our production team get busy, building your unique kiosk design. The prototype allows us both to confirm the product use and highlight any bugs.

Tweaks are tweaked and bespoke branding and finishes are added to finalise your perfect, custom product. Final orders and a production timeline are confirmed.

3 Production

Our skilled production team carefully and efficiently start producing your order, ready for shipment.

4 Delivery and Installation

We manage the delivery from start to finish, ensuring your kiosks arrive with you in impeccable condition. Items can be flat-packed and accompanied with instructions for easy storage before display requirements.

Our kiosk solutions are designed to be easily installed and are exceedingly intuitive. On larger orders, please get in touch to learn more about our hands-on installation services.

We offer comprehensive service support, to aid you with any installation, software and hardware questions.

Let’s get started. Choose an option.

Request a call with an account manager, make a general enquiry, or download our brochure for more information on our visitor management software. If you’d like to speak to us straight away, call UK: 01202 892863 or USA: +1 877 450 2172. We look forward to hearing from you!


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