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Vaccine Passport Kiosks


The coronavirus, Covid-19, has changed the way the world interacts, creating a challenging environment for many industries. It is becoming a regular or mandatory requirement to scan QR codes for passenger locator forms, covid passes and vaccine passports in an abundance of visitor management settings. This is especially apparent at border control and travel environments, events and exhibitions and healthcare settings.

If your business requires vaccine passports or the ability to scan a Covid-19 pass on entry, get in touch to enquire about our seamless visitor management solution.


Covid Pass Kiosk

Our Covid Pass kiosk can scan vaccine passports and covid passes quickly and easily, allowing for efficient visitor management with optimum security.

This allows your business to adhere to business or legal requirements for travel or entry, based on the Covid-19 restrictions and pandemic protocol at the time


The imageHOLDERS kiosk solution is modular, so additional devices can be added and removed as requirements are changed or updated.

As a result, you can add extra health-conscious and security devices such as facial recognition cameras, temperature scanning cameras, biometric readers and non-touch hand-sanitiser dispensers. These can also be removed or changed depending on the current pandemic climate.

Already have an imageHOLDERS self-service solution? Devices can be retro-fitted to the modular design to enhance the current visitor management or access control kiosk.

Covid Pass Interactive Kiosk

Secure Visitor Management & Access Control Solution

Efficiently Scan Vaccine Passports, Passenger Locator Forms or Covid Passes

24/7 Self-Service Solution

Ideal for Border Control, Travel and Healthcare Settings

Additional Devices can be Integrated for Optimum Safety & Security

Adhere to Current Covid-19 Restrictions, Legislation or Specific Business Pandemic Protocol

Covid-19 Products

In this unprecedented time, people are looking for reassurance and safety. In such a connected world, we can maximise technology to help aid in the safety of staff and customers. We have developed modular products to help mitigate risk across an extensive range of industries.

Follow the link below to learn more about our range of health-conscious products.

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