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We have designed and provide an array of accessories to enhance the running of our enclosures and kiosk enclosures.

For a full list of optional accessories, please get in touch with the team.

Anti-Microbial Screen Protectors

Our anti-microbial screen protector can help reduce the spread of surface germs and bacteria, preventing the build-up and growth on such devices from the moment the film is applied.

Graphic Panels

We can customise all our kiosks to be cohesive with your environment and brand. Graphic panels can be added for extra design and/or messaging.

A visual demonstrating various add on devices for the imageHOLDERS computer kiosks enclosures

USB Hubs

Our kiosks can integrate multiple add-on devices at once. A USB Hub can power and neatly organise the wires required to design and build a kiosk solution with multiple devices.

LED Lights

LED and decorative lighting can be added to our interactive kiosks to cohesively deploy the enclosure into it’s chosen environment. These also make the solution eye-catching for users to engage with.

Expansion Modules

Expansion modules allow us to integrate more devices onto the kiosk solutions, such as payment devices, cameras and scanners.

Privacy Screens

Privacy screen protectors can be added to the enclosure to seamlessly and aesthetically create privacy for the person using the kiosk. This stops privacy screens looking bulky or out of place in the environment. This works well for voting station kiosks and in supermarkets.

Trays, Shelves and Hooks

Trays, shelves and hooks can be built into the enclosure for a seamless finish to hold passports, cheques, scanners, headphones and tickets.

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