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Health Screening Access Control Kiosks

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way the world interacts, creating a challenging environment for many industries, with more people now looking for reassurance and safety. In such a connected world, we can maximise technology to help aid in the safety of staff and customers. imageHOLDERS has developed a range of health check kiosks, including touchless temperature screening kiosks, to help mitigate risk across an extensive range of industries.


Render showing a mobile phone being scanned by a kiosk integrated with biometric scanner

Health Screening Kiosks for Businesses

Health screening is now seen as essential for many workplaces and businesses that require on-site personnel. People are much more concerned about the transmission of illnesses at their workplace, and health monitoring kiosks are a crucial aspect for workers to feel comfortable returning to the office. Interactive healthcare kiosks and touchless temperature screening terminals are at the forefront of this movement. Our health check kiosks are designed to work in your industry and can be customised to suit your requirements.

Health Check Kiosks

A health screening kiosk is an automated self-service terminal that can check the health of staff, whether this is checking for fever or utilising technology that can share blood oxygen level and blood pressure. To assess the health of the workforce, the digital kiosk enclosure can be integrated with different health screening devices such as infrared cameras for fever and temperature screening, blood pressure and heart rate monitors and smart scales. The technology can be decided based on the requirements of the business.

A health check kiosk can oversee the general health of a member of staff quickly and efficiently. Some businesses require extensive health analysis, whilst some may choose a health monitoring kiosk to quickly give an overview of someone’s immediate health to boost the confidence of staff coming on-site. imageHOLDERS specialise in custom kiosk solutions for healthcare and we’ll work with you to provide an end-to-end solution for your business.

Fever check kiosks.

Temperature Screening Terminal

Our interactive kiosks can be designed and retrofitted to fit your specific company’s requirements, with health and safety in mind. Devices such as barcode/QR scanners, hand sanitiser dispensers, thermal fever detection cameras and card readers can all be added and removed from your health check kiosk as and when they are needed.


What Is A Temperature Screening Kiosk?

Guardian temperature screening kiosks use infrared thermal imaging technology and ready-to-use software for super-fast integrated fever detection. All Guardian kiosks are customisable to suit your specific visitor management and access control requirements.

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Anti-microbial Screen Protectors & Paint

Help further protect health screening kiosks with imageHOLDERS anti-microbial screen protector and paint options. Our anti-microbial add-ons can help reduce the spread of surface germs and bacteria by 99.9% providing extra peace of mind. Anti-microbial screen protectors can be added to a new tablet or computer kiosks or retrofitted to existing kiosks.

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