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Cruise Travel Kiosks

Cruiselines can optimise efficiency and futurize cruise ships with digital kiosks. Whether this be speeding up the embarkment processes, improving customer experiences or providing resources, whichare more cost-favourable than additional members of staff.

Improve Multiple User Journeys with a Kiosk Solution

Compact self-service kiosk with card swipe reader for cruise company

iPad kiosks and tablet enclosures can encourage interactivity with customers, whilst the hospitality sectors on a cruise line can enhance their service with a digital experience.

Tablets displayed in enclosures on tables can engage with customers even when staff are not available to assist. A bar kiosk can provide a digital menu or entertainment hub, which can upsell even when staff are busy.

The positive impact that hospitality kiosks are having on services can also be used to improve back of house functions. Orders and requests can be processed automatically with digital kiosk menus and sent to the intended recipient quickly and easily. Tasks can be completed efficiently and with reduced errors.

Kiosks can help get the cruise industry back on its feet with enhanced safety using a kiosk enclosure integrated with health conscious devices, such as temperature check cameras, QR code scanners and hand sanitiser dispensers. 

Popular Device Integrations

Barcode & QR Code Scanners

Contactless Readers


Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

POS Payment Devices

Temperature Check Cameras

Cruise Industry Kiosk Functions

1 Boarding pass printing and kiosk check-in facilities

2 Self-service tablet kiosk for those looking for speedy service

3 Lobby kiosks to be digital concierge

4 Digital menu tablets to attract customers

5 Surveys and feedback on check-out kiosks

6 Check-in and check-out systems with key drop

7 POS interactive display and self-service payment point

8 Room amenities such as room service and requiring turn down

9 Reading and browsing digital content such as newspapers and magazines on lounge and bar kiosks

10 Health security visitor management 

The Benefits of Cruise Line Kiosks

Back of House Tablet Kiosks

Access control and room management is accessible 24/7, improving time management and security.

Entertainment Tablet Kiosk

Entertainment hubs encourage customers to spend more time browsing and increase add on sales.

Express Check-in/out Systems

Ensure customers are always able to check in or out with ease and pay outstanding bills quickly and easily.

Reduced Queues

Customers can be directed to a tablet enclosure or staff based on their needs, leading to reduced queues, an increased satisfaction rate and better service.

Invest in Security

Improve registers with instant digital records using access control check-in kiosks.

Optimum Health & Safety

Adhere to health and safety guidelines with fully integrated kiosk enclosures. Fever check cameras and hand sanitiser dispensers can be added as standard.

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