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Retail POS Systems & Kiosks

Tablet POS enclosures and POS kiosk are the latest self-service point of sale systems to seize the retail market. Retail POS kiosks streamline customer purchases and staff practices and ultimately increase sales for your business. From iPad retail POS stands to price check kiosks, digital kiosk technology is able to revolutionise the in-store customer experience.

Self-Service Retail Point Of Sale Systems

An effective POS kiosk system for retail can process more than just a sale and improves business efficiencies in several ways. By combining loyalty programs with a digital retail POS, customers are rewarded for using self-service point of sale kiosks. Tablet enclosure and iPad retail POS stands are replacing conventional checkouts due to their aesthetic appeal, ease of use for customers, and helpful functionality for staff.

Freestanding and wall mounted POS retail kiosks by imageHOLDERS

Retail Point Of Sale Kiosk Functions

  • Tablet POS stands
  • POS voucher printing
  • Price check kiosk
  • QSR ordering and payment kiosk
  • Digital loyalty programmes
  • Click & Collect
  • POS self-service and self-checkout kiosks
  • Self-service return kiosks
  • Digital catalogues

imageHOLDERS in-store POS kiosks are built bespoke for your specifications. Learn more about our process or talk to a member of our friendly team about our standard kiosk, computer, or digital display solutions.

Point of Sale Kiosk Benefits

Improve communication and customer behaviour insights

Collect valuable customer data regarding time spent on the in store POS kiosk and choice of payment.

Reduce waiting and response times

POS self-service kiosks are available 24/7 ensuring customers are always able to make their purchases.

Increase customer loyalty

By investing in customers and their choice of payment, customer loyalty increases.

Provide the ultimate customer experience

By providing self-service point of sale terminals, staff are able to assist in other areas of the customer journey, providing an enhanced customer experience.

Meeting the customer expectation of paying via retail kiosks

Whether contactless, Apple Pay or traditional chip and pin, ensure all payment methods are available with retail POS systems.

Increase awareness and upsell with digital advertising

Tablet and iPad retail POS stands can advertise and upsell products and offer loyalty schemes and vouchers in one stylish solution.

Streamline checkout operations with self-service retail POS systems and in store POS kiosks by image HOLDERS. Contact our team today to design a custom retail point of sale digital kiosk solution built around your needs.

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