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4 Ways Tablet POS Systems Increase Sales in Fast Food Restaurants

From halved queue times to increased customer satisfaction, tablet POS systems are taking over the fast food industry.

A recent study by the University of Oxford revealed there is a 92% chance that fast food service will become completely automated. Alongside this restaurant chains are looking to future-proof themselves with entirely unmanned front of house secure tablet kiosks this year.

From McDonalds to Panera Bread, fast food restaurant chains are recognizing this evolutionary potential and starting to reap the benefits. These include streamlined production and payment processes, increased customer satisfaction and ultimately an increase in business revenue.

Here are 4 ways tablet POS systems can increase sales for fast food restaurants:

  • Efficient payment processing

Tablet kiosks with card readers are driving an increase in revenue for fast food restaurants, despite cash historically being the preferred method of payment. The innovation of integrated card readers, such as the Integrator Pro 10 countertop tablet kiosk, combined with user friendly software, means customers can view the restaurant menu, select and securely pay for their order. Added benefits include the option to check special offers and redeem their restaurant loyalty points – all at the touch of a button.  

  • Improved communication and customer behavior insights

The key to an efficient restaurant is consistent and timely communication. Within seconds, preparatory staff, cooks and servers can view current restaurant orders and keep up-to-date on stock levels. Management can collect critical data about customer habits, while reviewing daily targets.

  • Reduced waiting times and increased customer loyaltyTablet Enclosures and iPad Kiosks work with QR Codes

Many fast food restaurants are installing more self-serve tablet enclosures than manned checkouts. This is predominantly down to their size and cost-effectiveness; they cut queuing times, prevent ‘walkaways’ and result in more orders. Panera Bread in Boston claims that 60% of their lunchtime transactions come from tablet kiosks, which is a similar turnover for a daily drive-through at other more advanced fast food restaurant chains.

Most importantly, cutting queuing times produces fresher food and the more a customer enjoys their meal, the more likely they will return.

  • Tablet POS systems create the ultimate customer experience

Tablet enclosures empower consumers to control their fast food restaurant experience securely and in their own time. Touchscreen lovers like Millennials are the first to embrace this change to electronic processing, with one restaurant manager reporting a pattern of complete avoidance of manned stations, even if the self-serve kiosks have a queue!

Tablet and iPad kiosks can entertain customers whilst they wait for or enjoy their meal. Installed around eating stations, children and adults can play games, surf the web and check social media. This makes for a fun and interactive experience and enhances the ‘special occasion’ association children have with going to a fast food restaurant.

imageHOLDERS has installed leisure tablet enclosures for a large fast food chain, which resulted in increased revenue due to longer customer retention times and the implementation of small adverts promoting desserts.

The traditional restaurant order process is fully streamlined with a POS tablet kiosk. Find out what tablet enclosures from imageHOLDERS can do for your fast food restaurant by calling us on +44 (0)1202 892863 (UK) or +1 877 450 2172 (USA) or email [email protected].

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