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Airport Kiosks

Streamline and transform your passenger experience, whilst increasing your efficiencies with our digital self-service airline kiosks. Explore our range of airline kiosks and their many features, including check-in, baggage drops, passport scanning, ticket and boarding pass printing, and digital signage solutions.

Digital Airline Kiosk Range

World-Class Digital Airline Check-In Kiosks

Digital airline kiosks introduce an array of benefits such as vastly increasing the efficiency of check-in processes, reducing queueing times and creating upselling opportunities for passengers.

Digital Baggage Drop Kiosk

Maximizing Efficiency with Digital Airline Kiosks

Our world-class digital airline kiosks maximize efficiency by automating and simplifying a range of tasks, allowing passengers to check-in, drop luggage and print boarding passes swiftly.

Our completely inclusive and interactive airline kiosk designs even integrate passport scanners, which can be a transformative solution for frictionless flights and higher-security airport access control.

Digital airport kiosks are more important than ever for helping improve the overall passenger satisfaction, but they also vastly improve airport efficiency and security.

Explore more about our range of world-class airport kiosks below:

Passport Scanning Airline Kiosk

Interactive Airline Kiosks for Check-in & Passport Scanning

Our range of airline kiosks are convenient and easy to use and are proven to speed up check-in processes which significantly reduce queuing times, therefore enhancing passenger experience at airports.

Typical functions at the point of check-in, such as scanning passports and printing boarding passes, are possible with our digital airline kiosks. Such automated functions have already been proven to vastly improve efficiency and productivity for airlines and airports alike.

Interactive self check-in kiosks integrated with passport scanners and boarding pass printers are becoming increasingly popular in the aviation industry as they increase efficiency and safety. Digital airline check-in kiosks are also a more hygienic way to also reduce the risk of spreading viruses.



Airport Ticking Printing Kiosk Function

Ticket Printing Functionality

We work with world-class printer and scanner partners in order to implement the highest quality products into our digital airline kiosks as seamlessly as possible. Whether it’s boarding pass printing, airplane ticket printing or baggage tag printing, our kiosks can do all in one convenient place. This significantly enhances the airport experience for all involved.

Incorporating these printers into our solutions not only offers convenience to passengers by saving their time, but also enables airports and airlines to optimise their resources more effectively. With less need for manual input in these areas, staff can be redeployed to other parts of the airport that may require more attention. This ultimately results in significant cost savings and an overall increase in airport productivity.

Digital Airline Kiosk Integrations

Configure the kiosk to your specific user journey

Our digital kiosks enable multiple integrations to facilitate more functionality. These include scanners, ID validation, cameras, payment devices and label / badge printers.

Future Travel Experience with United Airlines

We work with United Airlines

In September 2023, we partnered with our client, United Airlines, to demonstrate our full aviation kiosk range at Future Travel Experience in Los Angeles. With functions such as passenger check-in, passport scanning, wayfinding and even reporting lost or damaged baggage, our booth gave visitors the perfect opportunity to interact with and learn more about the benefits of adopting digital airline kiosks.

We were particularly delighted to showcase two modular airline kiosks that we designed and manufactured for United Airlines during our collaborative 2-year joint project. This project saw us create and roll out hundreds of future-proof kiosks across North America, and represents our ability to understand a client’s complex requirements and hone them into a compelling user-centric solution.

Access Control Kiosk

Airport Access Control

In recent years, global travel has changed dramatically and technology is now seen as an essential part of the passenger check-in experience. Interactive digital airline kiosks are at the forefront of the changes at airports and docks, border control, arrivals and departures, and during flights. Going forward, we predict a surge in biometric enrolment, prior to the day of travel and at border control. This technological development is already well underway and applied in various scenarios. This will also be a requirement under new EU-ESS regulations.

Popular Device Integrations

Barcode & QR Code Scanners

Contactless Readers


Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

POS Payment Devices

Temperature Check Cameras

Passport Scanners

Biometric Readers

Airport Kiosk Functions

1 Boarding pass and baggage tags printing with self-check-in kiosk facilities

2 Self-service kiosks for those looking for speedy service

3 Lobby kiosks to be digital concierge

4 Digital menu tablets to attract customers

5 Surveys and feedback kiosks

6 Airport check-in kiosks with bag drop

7 POS interactive display and self-service payment point

8 Retail self-service kiosks

9 Reading and browsing digital content such as the airline magazine in departure lounge or on-flight

10 Health security visitor management 

11 Self-service kiosks for food and drink ordering with digital menus

12 Passport scanning

13 Biometric scanning

14 Digital visas, arrival and immigration cards

15 Vaccine passport, covid pass and health check screening

The Benefits of Airport Kiosks

Entertainment Tablet Kiosks

Entertainment hubs encourage customers to spend more time browsing and increase add on sales.

Express Check-In

Customers can check-in easily and efficiently using a self-service kiosk. These kiosks can also print boarding passes and baggage tags.

Reduced Queues

Customers can be directed to a self-service airport kiosk or staff based on their needs, leading to reduced queues, an increased satisfaction rate and better service.

High Security Access Control

Biometric and passport scanners aid airport access control and increase security whilst aiding efficiency. Digital arrival cards and visas can be added to biometric records.

Optimum Health & Safety

Adhere to health and safety guidelines with fully integrated airport kiosks. Fever check cameras and hand sanitiser dispensers can be added as standard.

Boost Revenue

Self-service POS kiosks encourage more sales in the departure lounge, whether this be ordering from digital menus or retail stores.

Contact us to discuss your kiosk project

imageHOLDERS airport kiosks are built bespoke for your specifications. Learn more about our process or talk to a member of our friendly team about our standard kiosk, computer or digital display solutions.

automated kiosk terminals in an airport setting for border control and vaccine passports

Airport Kiosk Software

At imageHOLDERS, we work together with the best hardware and software companies to produce the optimal digital kiosk solution for your business. Our interactive airport kiosks are designed with air travel and the airport industry in mind. Browse our list of software partners.

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