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Leisure & Entertainment Kiosks

Interactive kiosks can be a one stop solution across multiple sectors in the leisure and entertainment industry, such as museums and galleries, gyms, cinemas, casinos and betting shops.

National Civil War Centre Newark Museum Use Secure Tablet Enclosures

Museums & Galleries

Museum tablet kiosks offer the opportunity to transform museums as we know them and introduce visitors to new ways of exploring cultural attractions. Museum kiosks are not a new phenomenon in the cultural industry, but ensuring the usability and responsiveness of the kiosks is crucial for effective user engagement.

Tablet Kiosks for Gyms and Health Sectors

Leisure Centres & Gyms

As the health and leisure industry expands, businesses are taking advantage of technological opportunities to change the way customers interact with their business. From visitor management kiosks in reception to fitness tracking kiosks in the gym, businesses can save on resources with low cost solutions, while investing in their customer’s experience.

imageHOLDERS Tablet Kiosks for Cinemas and Leisure

Entertainment Complexes

The main priority of entertainment establishments is to provide a fun experience for visitors. With entertainment kiosks in places such as cinemas or bowling alleys, you can show viewing times, offer ticket collection and increase customer retention with loyalty schemes.

Tablet Kiosks for SSBT in Betting and Gambling Retailers

Casino, Betting Shops & Gambling Kiosks

Interactive casino kiosks provide a way of elevating the gambling and sports betting experience to new, more engaging heights. From integrated payment systems to improved data capture, ensuring a seamless experience for customers is essential while still benefitting business. Our betting kiosks are custom-built with this focus in mind and can be finished with personalised branding.

Lottery Stations

Kiosk enclosures fitted with payment devices and printers are ideal for self-service lottery stations. This encourages plays and purchases from those who wouldn’t usually participate, thus boosting revenue.

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