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The Client

Orchadia Systems Ltd have integrated multiple hardware and software applications within an imageHOLDERS digital kiosk to automate the first completely unmanned retail betting shop, BetXS.

There has been a large global decline in retail bookmakers in small towns, predominantly due to the multiple manual process and overhead costs for labour.

Colm Finlay, Director of BetXS, looked to reverse this trend, starting with his own premises in the villages of Rathcoole, Kilbeggan and Ballivor in Ireland.

BetXS & Orchadia Systems

Orchadia Systems collaborated with BetXS, AI Video Ltd and imageHOLDERS to find the best technology available to create the world’s first completely automated betting shop, which is cost-effective and user friendly.

The automated betting shop streamlined processes by remotely controlling the doors, lights, security systems, heating and the imageHOLDERS betting kiosks.

The Challenge

BetXS and Orchadia Systems required first-rate hardware and software to provide a fully automated digital kiosk solution for betting shops. It was essential that this solution permitted full regulatory compliance and improved ledger accuracy, all the while reducing overhead costs and overcoming common issues that traditional retail bookmakers have been increasingly facing. This, of course, didn’t come without its challenges.

Traditional retail betting shops have countless moving parts and, in turn, costs which, until now, are predominantly handled manually. Manual management meant that there was a large risk of human error, such as mishandled transactions or regulatory nonconformity.

Colm Finlay, BetXS Director, who took on his father’s bookmaker business, is passionate about rectifying these issues using efficient and reliable technology. Colm’s passion for safe, regulated bookmakers is what has driven this technological advance within the retail betting shop industry, and he hopes to revive rural communities using this completely automated betting solution.

The Solution

BetXS initially addressed the need for facial recognition technology to identify and verify the age of a customer. To achieve this, he approached AI Video and have since partnered to develop this completely remote bookmaker solution for global adoption.

imageHOLDERS interactive kiosks neatly and effectively house the high-resolution face biometric cameras, alongside essential printers and scanners. They also accept coins and notes using proven cash handling devices to give the user ultimate flexibility.

Additionally, FSB Technology Sportsbook Software is installed on the device hosted by an imageHOLDERS kiosk enclosure. This software ensures due diligence and anti-money laundering procedures are accounted for.

We designed a brand-new display mount to hold two individual 22 inch touchscreens in a single digital kiosk. We ensure that our self-service betting terminals are not only functional but look the part too. We added LED downlights to match the aesthetic of the environment and our marketing team assisted in providing branding for the kiosk computer to appeal to the user.

It was crucial that the kiosk enclosures were low maintenance, due to the unmanned nature of the BetXS retail bookmakers. imageHOLDERS interactive terminals are designed to be easy to maintain when it comes to being emptied, re-floated or cleaned. No maintenance tasks require high level technical expertise.

The sports betting kiosks also housed a heavy duty OEM printer, providing space for a larger roll and therefore reducing the frequency which this needs to be changed.

We selected a scan engine for the digital kiosk to scan betting slips, pay slips and both on-screen or printed barcodes. The scanners were small devices which we integrated into our kiosk enclosures without compromising on functionality or performance.

Integrated Hardware

Zebra SE3307 OEM Scan Engine

Scanner for pay slips, betting slips, onscreen barcodes and printed barcodes.

IDS Facial Recognition Cameras

Facial recognition certifies age (25 or over checks) and identifies banned users.

Fanless Quad Core Intel® i5 PC iH Enclosure

User-friendly PC, connected to two Ilyama Pro Lite 22” Touchscreens, easy to use for customers.

ACS NFC Reader

NFC readers can scan loyalty cards.

Custom K80 OEM Thermal Receipt Printer

Integrated printer to efficiently and securely print betting slips, pay slips and barcodes.

Cash Handling Devices

CPI G13 Coin Validator and ITL NV9 Note Accepter

To date, imageHOLDERS have designed three self-service betting terminals for the BetXS shops:

  • Floorstanding Dual 22” Touchscreen SSBT Betting Kiosk with Facial Recognition
    This solution is displayed in most of the imagery shown throughout the case study.
  • Dual 22” Touchscreen Treble SSBT Table with Facial Recognition
    A table mounted kiosk solution was designed for space saving purposes and to help maximise the number of terminals in the shop, thus maximising revenue
  • Wall Mounted 32” Totem SSBT with Facial Recognition
    The wall mounted design is also a space saving solution, whilst being a POC trial to use a single large screen with the same performance and functionality as the dual-screen betting kiosk solution. We are constantly forward thinking and innovating self-service betting terminals (SSBT) to ensure the technology in the industry is future proof.

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BetXS betting shops are the first successful proof of concept to have achieved the world’s first fully automated solution for retail bookmakers, by teaming up with imageHOLDERS, Orchadia Systems and partners.

The hardware and software, integrated and housed in imageHOLDERS betting kiosk enclosures are reliable, functional, user-friendly and above all, a cost-effective solution to help revive independent and franchise retail bookmakers globally.

The sports betting kiosks adhere to full regulatory compliance for age verification, self-exclusion and anti-money laundering across the shared platform. This solution is a key driver in the modernisation of the industry.

Key Successes

User-Friendly & Customer Satisfaction

The touchscreen kiosk computer is straight forward, easy to use and an entertaining experience for the customer.

Cost-Effective and Financially Viable Solution

The automated betting kiosk solution saves retail costs of up to 65%.

Data Accuracy

Software and completely automated betting terminal solution ensures accurate data reporting for analysis and records.

Highly Secure & Full Regulatory Compliance

A highly secure digital kiosk, which offers high security solutions. Age verification, self-exclusion and anti-money laundering are all regulated via the kiosk software and hardware.

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