Display, Screen & Monitor Kiosks

For digital signage often just a kiosk display screen is required. For interactive digital screens there is the option of a touch screen monitor for kiosk or touch screen TV kiosk. We custom build our screen enclosures, accommodating a multitude of different screen or monitor sizes.

Key Benefits of Screen & Monitor Kiosks

Interactive Digital Signage

Engaging interactive digital signage kiosks improve the customer journey and drive a business’s brand awareness.


Using computer kiosk stands as digital signage is also a great way to improve wayfinding; helping customers to navigate large department stores, events, universities and more.

Catalogue Extension

Screen enclosures are perfect for brick and mortar stores that want to share their online range with customers. They can be used as an additional marketing tool to highlight special offers on particular products.

Digital Menus

Computer screen enclosure kiosks can be used effectively is in restaurants, cafés and fast-food chains. Not only can they be used to advertise special offers, but can also show up-to-date menus with clear allergen information.

Screen & Monitor Kiosk Uses

Screen & monitor kiosks are ideal for leisure, entertainment, retail and wayfinding in larger venues. The larger screens allows for a clear and accessible display, perfect for showing maps or important information, such as timetables or instructions.

The larger screen also allows a bigger display for digital catalogues or digital menus. This hugely enhances self-service and self-checkout terminals, due to the ease of use.

Large screen kiosks are also ideal for displaying marketing promotions and special offers at the time of visit.

Screen & monitor enclosures are perfect for an office based environmentlarge displays are invaluable for meetings, presentations and company updates. 

Display Screen Enclosure Industries

Wayfinding & Digital Signage

Leisure & Entertainment




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