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Nordstrom is an American chain of luxury department stores. Also renowned for its successful worldwide online store. Despite the global department store decline, Nordstrom is staying ahead of its competitors. Their focus on customer-centric, omnichannel marketing has shown a revenue increase of $9.1 billion between 2007 and 2017.

The Interactive Kiosks & Digital Signage Solution

It is well documented that the driving force behind the company’s growth is its digital transformation. Their online sales alone made up 30% of revenue in 2018. Digital innovations such as digital retail kiosks are proving successful for Nordstrom. These are contributing to positioning them as industry leaders

The imageHOLDERS retail digital signage boards have been beneficial to boosting Nordstrom’s thriving loyalty program – which contributes to 50% of sales. Interactive digital signage kiosks house a tool that allows customers to interact with the store. This is a vital tool for their marketing strategy, as it captures and analyses data to understand customer preferences.

The Results

By implementing omnichannel interactive kiosks and digital signage solutions, we have created a seamless shopping experience. Self-service kiosks now create an immersive brand experience that lets customers interact on their own terms.

imageHOLDERS interactive kiosk solutions have also been designed to empower Nordstrom’s employees. The digital kiosk product databases encourage staff to communicate their brand understanding. Whilst also sharing their product knowledge with customers. This changes the dynamic of a sale from transactional to customer-centric, focusing on their customer’s needs.

Benefits of Digital Retail Kiosks

Drive Customer Footfall

Increase customer footfall with interactive retail digital signage.

Increase Dwell Time by 60%

Keep customers engaged and in store for longer.

Recapture Online Shopping Market Share

The rise in online shopping is increasing at a rapid rate. Modernised shopping experience encourages customers to shop in store.

Modernise In-Store Retailing

iPad and tablet retail kiosk stands to create a modern, customer-centric environment.

Increase Payment Choices

Give consumers the options on how to pay with iPad and tablet retail POS stands.

Stay Current

Technology is an important factor for consumers. iPad retail kiosks provide digital catalogue extensions.

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