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4 Uses for the Totem Computer Kiosk

Technology is moving at a rapid rate and the pressure to keep up with consumer demand is prevalent across all industry sectors. Interactive computer kiosks are now a global trend, with businesses choosing them to stay a step ahead of the competition.

At imageHOLDERS, we provide a wide range of interactive computer kiosk solutions, including the Totem 42-inch touch screen monitor. It is a multi-functional interactive digital kiosk, versatile enough for a variety of business applications.

Here we have put together a list of effective ways to use a Totem computer kiosk.

1. Interactive Digital Signage

Engaging interactive digital signage kiosks improve the customer journey and drive a business’s brand awareness. Using computer kiosk stands as digital signage is also a great way to improve wayfinding; helping customers to navigate large department stores, events, universities and more.

Another example of where Totem computer enclosure kiosks can be used effectively is in restaurants, cafés and fast-food chains. Not only can they be used to advertise special offers, but can also show up-to-date menus with clear allergen information.

2. Self Service Terminal

The market for self-service kiosks has been expanding year on year and for good reason. With 9 in 10 companies viewing self-service as the future for customer service, it’s predicted that it will be the fastest growing channel in customer service by 2021. Self-service Totem computer kiosks meet the customer’s demand for fast, contactless payment and a reduction in checkout queues. Self-service kiosks are a cost-effective solution for increased customer satisfaction, thus increased profits.

Self-service kiosks are ideal for retail industries as they offer multi-channel benefits. As well as providing an enhanced customer service experience, they can also improve custom retention. With Totem digital kiosks, customers can scan loyalty cards and leave feedback to improve future service.

3. Visitor Management

Streamlining visitor management and access control is another use for the Totem computer enclosure. In access-controlled buildings, built-in scanners allow personnel to scan their ID card.  For hotels and hospitality, check-in kiosks are able to assist staff at busy times with the integration of guest registration systems.

We work with a diverse range of businesses to improve their visitor management systems. For example, we have worked with Who Are You to develop visitor management systems in hospitals. Their new computer kiosks provide real-time information on sales visitors, assisting in health and safety regulations.

4. Catalogue Extension

Interactive kiosks are perfect for brick and mortar stores that want to share their online range with customers and business that want to expand their showroom. Catalogue touch screen kiosks allow customers to browse products that are always up-to-date. They can also be used as an additional marketing tool to highlight special offers on particular products.

We often work with brick and mortar stores that want to extend their online offering in store. For instance, we have worked with New Look’s flagship store to encourage customers to interact with their website and online catalogue using interactive kiosks.

To find out how the Totem 42-inch touch screen monitor can benefit your business, get in contact with our friendly team today. Call +44 (0)1202 892863 (UK) or +1 877 450 2172 (US) or email us.