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Office & Warehouse Management Kiosks

Tablet Enclosures for Access Control and Office Management


Technology is revolutionising the way enterprises manage their resources and security. From access control to stock management, tablet technology and office kiosks are able to improve operations and efficiency by streamlining multiple offerings into one sleek tablet enclosure.

Internal operations, whether for hotels, offices or retail, when maximised can improve customer facing services as well. Stock management with tablet enclosures can ensure that the minute a minimum stock level is met, back of house are informed and can take relevant action to ensure all sales are made, improving efficiency and service for customers.

Access Control at the Workplace

Access control can work as a time clocking system as well as security control, with different levels of security for different access points to ensure resources are managed and secured efficiently. A check-in kiosk with integrated biometric readers can secure any business, from small offices to multi-storey enterprises. Room booking software can ensure that meeting rooms are not double booked, and that supplies are controlled from a wall or glass mounted tablet enclosure outside of the meeting room.

Tablet kiosks can also help staff rise to the challenge of a new, connected generation of customers.

Health checks prior to entering a building are now considered the ‘new normal.’ Visitor management and access control kiosk enclosures can be fitted with a variety of health conscious devices, such as fever check cameras, QR code scanners and hand sanitiser dispensers to ensure all precautions are taken.

Popular Device Integrations

Fever Check Cameras

Barcode & QR Code Scanners

Biometric Scanners

Facial Recognition Cameras

Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

imageHOLDERS kiosks are built bespoke for your specifications. Learn more about our process or talk to a member of our friendly team about our standard kiosk, computer or digital display solutions.

The Benefits of Office & Stock Management Kiosks

Protect Your Business

Visitor management, including necessary health checks, can be streamlined using a single kiosk.

Improve Stock Visibility

Up to date stock control visible with remote access

Manage Resources with Office Kiosks

Room booking and management software prevents conflicting schedules

Technology Improves Brand Impressions

Tablet kiosks invests in company efficiencies and in visitor experience

Employee Rotas

Ensure accurate schedules are kept for employee records with a streamlined check-in/out kiosk.

Visitor Management Systems

Save resources with badge printing and visitor check-in kiosks.

Employee & Visitor Management

Integrated kiosks are an ideal visitor access control system for busy offices. Significantly reduce queues and enable visitors to check-in quickly with this easy-to-use system. imageHOLDERS kiosk solutions can also include printer device integration, allowing for the printing of visitor badges for access.

Access control kiosks can restrict access to resources or rooms during certain times for seamless access control. A fingerprint attendance system is typically a cost-effective alternative to keys, fobs or keypad locks. When employees leave the business, their details can be easily wiped; locks or keypad codes don’t need to be changed!

Both kiosk solutions above are beneficial for managing both building and room access to contractors. Their arrival can be logged, so the time spent on the premises can be tracked. This is beneficial if they are charging by the hour as a record will be stored. Access cards can be created and printed, with a set usage time-frame, and restrictions added to any areas that they aren’t permitted to enter.

Office kiosks allow for maximum health screening with devices such as fever check cameras, hand sanitiser dispensers, interactive questionnaires and QR code scanners.

Time & Attendance

Significantly reduce the time it takes for workers to clock-in to just a couple of taps on a tablet

Employees can log their attendance with a biometric attendance system. This kiosk solution can be added to reception areas for employees to use to submit their entrance and exit from the building. This quick method of checking-in is a non-disruptive attendance-tracking solution for companies looking to streamline current time and attendance systems.

Unsure about how to proceed? Studies show that by undertaking an employee survey, staff will feel like their opinion is valued. It’s a win-win, as whilst valuable data is collected to inform process improvement, employees will be made to feel better having been asked for their feedback.

Slimline Glass Mounted Tablet Enclosure and iPad Kiosk

Office & Stock Management Software

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