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Apple iPad Kiosks & Enclosures

imageHOLDERS Apple iPad Kiosks are available as counter mounts, floor stands and wall mounts. Our secure iPad kiosk stands and enclosures enable you to use your iPad in public spaces ensuring a stylish, secure and versatile enclosure.

iPad Kiosks remain hugely popular

Apple have more than 1 billion devices active in the world and their iPad is on the most popular and trend setting products they have developed.

The popularity of the iPad amongst consumers coupled with built-in features and more than 1 million apps has meant that to date, iH have received more enquiries for iPad-compatible enclosure kiosks than for any other tablet on the market.

National Civil War Centre Newark Museum Use Secure Tablet Enclosures

Apple iPad kiosks are widely used

imageHOLDERS’ ability to produce on-demand Apple iPad kiosks for any iPad or tablet gives your business the freedom to choose the model that best suits your business needs and marketing strategy. Our clients come from a range of industries and include the Imperial War Museum, the BAFTA Game Awards and Hilton Worldwide.

Popular Apple Devices

iPad Pro

iPad Air


iPad Mini

Wherever there is a use for an iPad, there is an imageHOLDERS iPad kiosk enclosure.

Our iPad kiosks are used within a range of business environments from employee clocking-in to exhibition display stands and from customer feedback and payment processing to home automation. Depending on the environment, we can offer the enclosures as an iPad display stand, iPad kiosk wall mount or iPad counter stand. This is ideal for iPad retail POS, iPad retail display and digital signage and security stands.

Our ‘off-the-shelf’ iPad kiosk ranges such as the Loxo or Slimline can fit a tablet as standard, while our custom iPad kiosk ranges can fit any Apple iPad alongside an OEM device such as a receipt printer, scanner or payment device.

Contact us to learn more about designing your iPad Kiosk

What our iPad Kiosks can do:

  • Fit the full range of iPads from 1st gen through to the larger iPad Pro.
  • Remain completely secure with our key and lock system.
  • Feature cable management systems that enable continuous power access.
  • Be customised to suit your businesses branding.
  • Promise a lifetime warranty.
  • Integrate OEM devices to provide a multi-channel enclosure.
  • Easy to assemble, simple to use.

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