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Kiosk Scanners

Kiosk scanners are valuable devices across a multitude of industries, from travel to retail. We integrate kiosk barcode scanners, kiosk QR code scanners and kiosk document scanners into our enclosures, depending on the use case. They can be fully integrated and retrofitted into existing kiosk enclosures. Tablet scanner stands are transformative for improving efficiency across a wide variety of sectors.

kiosks with barcode scanners are usually used when scanning products on a self-service kiosk. However, a surge in technology and self-service has caused the integration of scanners in kiosks to be far more widespread across industry. Scanning barcodes or QR codes on a kiosk scanner can now grant you access to a building, print the appropriate returns label at the post office, enter your details for Track & Trace, enrol contact details at an event or print your boarding pass at an airport. Kiosk scanners are not only versatile but hugely time saving for both businesses and customers.

Kiosk Scanners in Industries


Scanning a barcode or QR code can allow a kiosk to book tickets or print pre-paid tickets when travelling at airports, train stations and other public transport. Additionally, a kiosk barcode scanner can be used for passport scanning for quick, secure and accurate access control at airports.

Visitor Management

QR codes and barcodes are the new ‘ticket’ and can allow entry at various events. Kiosk barcode scanners can also manage socially distanced visitor management for any premises that need to manage the footfall.


Retail was one of the first industries to fully adopt kiosks with barcode scanners. They’re widely used for self-service POS, but can also be used for Click & Collect, self-service returns and for stock management.

Public Service & Education

More and more online shops are now offering paperless returns and therefore issue a QR code to be scanned at the post office. Deploying a self-service kiosk scanner at post-offices or corner shops increases efficiency and revenue. Scanners in library or education settings enhance the environment.


Check-ins can be sped up for the user by the installation of kiosk scanners. This can grab their details instantly rather than going through a manual process on a keyboard or on the touchscreen.

Events & Exhibitions

QR codes are perfect at exhibitions or events, not only for granting access but also for use during the event. This is especially prevalent at trade shows – business cards can quickly be scanned on a kiosk barcode scanner, with details captured, food and beverages ordered and event communication shared.

Office Management

Kiosk scanners that are used for clocking in and out are ideal for time and attendance in offices. Temporary QR codes can also be created for visitors. Additionally, kiosk document scanners can be a huge time saver in most office settings.

Leisure Centres & Gyms

Kiosk scanners can be integrated with entry systems at gyms, so members no long need to find a card to gain entry to the leisure centre. It’s as easy as scanning a code on their smartphone using a tablet scanner stand. This can also work for classes and different areas.

Casinos & Entertainment

Kiosks with scanners and printers can be used to print tickets or coupons upon arrival at an entertainment complex. Scanners can also be used to open up a gambling or betting account on a kiosk.

Working with imageHOLDERS

We aim to understand your business, problem areas, opportunities for growth and goals first. We can then advise and/or build on the best kiosk scanner solution for you that will not only overcome those problem areas but also drive revenue, increase efficiency and promote productivity in the process. Health and safety measures are at the forefront of the design and we have many devices and accessories that promote necessary precautions.

Add-on Devices

imageHOLDERS enclosures are built using modular architecture, making it easy to integrate kiosk scanners and many other devices that your business may require. We are proud to remain software and hardware agnostic, allowing your business to have the perfect combination of devices to increase revenue, productivity, efficiency and engagement within its industry.

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