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USB Hubs

A visual demonstrating various add on devices for the imageHOLDERS computer kiosks enclosures

From chip and pin to USB adapters, imageHOLDERS have forged relationships with adapter and hub manufacturers to ensure a complete business solution. We also optimise a USB kiosk using our expertly developed USB-C hubs. Our USB-C Hubs are secure with a dual screw locking fitment, providing an enhanced, reliable interconnection.

Tablet Adapters & Hubs for Tablet Kiosks

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imageHOLDERS have forged a partnership with USB hub and adaptor company LAVA to provide enclosures that seamlessly connect Samsung tablets with OEM devices.


Due to Samsung’s tablets having one micro USB port for USB and charging, it is necessary to use a hub or adapter to enable devices to work with the tablet.

Device Charging

Our enclosures have cable management for continuous charging, but some tablets require right-angled chargers or you may require portable battery devices.

The iH USB-C Hub

The iH USB-C Hub

Our USB-C Hub has a dual screw locking fitment, which is compliant to USB-IF-C Locking Standard. This provides an enhanced, reliable interconnection.

We have developed imageHOLDERS’ locking cable solutions to complement our expertly designed hubs. The USB-C connector features an innovative 90 degree L design which allows flexible installation.

This USB 3.0-C, Ethernet and PD charging ports hub is widely compatible with all USB-C ready devices and supports low-powered devices such as scanners and RFID readers.

The Hub allows for data transmission speeds of up to 5Gbps, ensuring a stable connection, even when several devices are connected simultaneously.

The 60W PD charging port allows you to charge your tablet at the same time. The Hub also provides a stable and fast wired network connection. The RJ45 port can handle Gigabit speeds of 10/100/1000Mbps.

Key Features

1x Type-C PD port

1x Type-C port upstream with dual screw lock

1x USB 3.0A down stream

1x RJ45 port

Types of Cable Available

Type-C with Locking to Right Angle Type-C Cable 610 mm

Type-C with Locking to Right Angle Micro USB Male Cable – 610 mm

Type-C with Locking to Right Angle Lightning Male Cable – 610 mm

Working with imageHOLDERS

We aim to understand your business, problem areas, opportunities for growth and goals first. We can then advise and/or build on the best kiosk solution for you that will not only overcome those problem areas but also drive revenue, increase efficiency and promote productivity in the process. Health and safety measures are at the forefront of the design and we have many devices and accessories that promote necessary precautions.

Add-On Devices

imageHOLDERS enclosures are built using modular architecture, making it easy to integrate and/or retro-fit the devices that your business requires. We are proud to remain software and hardware agnostic, allowing your business to have the perfect combination of devices to increase revenue, productivity, efficiency and engagement within it’s industry.

More Add-On Devices

Passport scanner kiosk.


Scanners are valuable devices across a multitude of industries, from travel to retail. We integrate kiosk barcode scanners, kiosk QR code scanners and kiosk document scanners into our enclosures, depending on the use case. They can be fully integrated and retro-fitted into existing kiosk enclosures. Tablet scanner stands are transformative for improving efficiency across a wide variety of sectors.


A touch screen kiosk with printer can be used in a wide range of settings. An iPad kiosk stand with printer or any touch screen kiosk with printer is hugely versatile for printing receipts, vouchers, postage stickers, tickets, photos and more. A computer kiosk with printer can print documents, whilst simple display kiosk printing is perfect for smaller tasks that can be made more efficient, such as visitor management entry tickets.

Image demonstrating add-on keyboards for the imageHOLDERS countertop kiosks


Some industries may require an iPad kiosk stand with keyboard. imageHOLDERS are proud of their innovative designs and the building of enclosures for a computer kiosk with keyboard and, even more so, enclosures that can house a tablet stand with keyboard. imageHOLDERS created a kiosk with keyboard specifically for the Microsoft Surface tablet, which the first in the world to support the tablets optional keyboard accessory. imageHOLDERS has secured the official ‘Designed for Surface’ approval, cementing our position as trusted partners of Microsoft.


The surge in self-service requires a kiosk with card reader. Our kiosk credit card reader enclosures house multiple different tablet or iPad chip and pin devices, allowing for efficient and safe purchases on self-service kiosks. These are ideal for retail, restaurants and hospitality.


There are an abundance of uses for a kiosk with camera. It can be used for digital signage with facial recognition, a temperature verification kiosk or for access control. A temperature kiosk is now the norm and is highly effective in assessing body temperature on the temperature check kiosk, using an infrared camera.


Biometrics are a form of identification which is traditionally used for security, such as border control and police profiling. However, as passwords and pin numbers become compromised, biometric identification has also started to replace commercial resources such as phone passwords and key fobs at work. A biometric kiosk could be a fingerprint kiosk or, by incorporating a facial recognition camera, a touchless kiosk allowing for a contactless check in. A touchless user interface is becoming rapidly more popular post-pandemic.


Contactless covers a wide array of different applications. The most common technologies are NFC, RFID and Mifare. The products we integrate are compatible with NFC, RFID and Mifare applications. We are moving more towards contactless technology such as gesture and voice control.

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