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Advances in the Tablet Enclosure Industry

Over the last few years, tablets and the technology associated with them has advanced. To download relevant media to a tablet device such as an iPad, Samsung Galaxy or Microsoft Surface, is no longer a restrictive or lengthy process it used to be. Now you can achieve much more without chaining yourself to a desktop!

Today we’ll be discussing a few advancements in the tablet enclosure industry and why this means using tablets for your marketing solutions is becoming even more accessible.

No USB ports on tablets? Problem solved!

One of the limitations with tablets is that they don’t often feature USB ports, which limits the ease of integrating devices. However don’t let this discredit the idea of using a tablet kiosk; take a look at the Samsung USB LAN Hub, a handy device which features an Ethernet port and two USB ports. This enables you to hardwire your tablet into a network, or with the USB ports you can connect other devices like printers and contactless card readers.

If you’re looking to upgrade to a tablet that features a USB port already integrated then look further than the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. With a USB 3.0 port, microSD™ card reader and mini display port you can connect and download data and files via USB or the microSD™. Here at imageHOLDERS we are currently finalising development on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet enclosure, with room to integrate external devices.

Worried about a strong WiFi connection at an event?

Whilst WiFi tends to be reliable in most places nowadays, especially at big events where organizers are aware it is a core requirement, this might still be a concern. Using a USB LAN Hub enables you to connect your tablet via an ethernet cable and have a reliable internet connection instead of depending on WiFi. You can also connect a keyboard and mouse to your tablet with this useful device if you need to do some cursor-heavy work such as some fancy Excel spreadsheet data input.

Concerned that a smaller screen might cut off your marketing creative?

The tablet market has exploded over the past few years and is now so much more than just the iPad family. Tablet screen sizes are available up to 12 inches plus, so now all you have to do is sit back and choose the tablet that best suits your purposes. You don’t have to worry about your creative being cut off and can enjoy maximizing the most of a wide screen tablet.

The screen on the Windows Surface Pro 3 tablet spans 12 inches and as Microsoft says itself, the Surface Pro 3 gives you “the power and performance of a laptop” with the benefit of a lightweight tablet.

The great thing about the progression of the tablet market is that you can utilise this digital platform as a fantastic and interactive element to your marketing. If you’d like a tablet enclosure for any portable device imageHOLDERS can create one bespoke to you. Want to keep those ports accessible while securely locked into the tablet kiosk? No problem. Here at imageHOLDERS we can design a custom tablet enclosure just for you and even integrate it with systems such as M/E.POS, Chip & Pin readers, contactless payment, voucher or ticket printers and so much more.

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