We have worked extensively with both Windows 8 and Windows 10, designing an abundance of Windows tablet stands and wall mounts, Windows tablet kiosks and Windows digital signage. Windows is a powerful system with high security, ideal for business.

Benefits of Windows 10

Microsoft 365

The option of Microsoft 365 is a hugely beneficial business tool, allowing you to work on their powerful Microsoft Office tools offline and share documents via OneDrive – perfect for remote working.

High-level security

Windows 10 is complete with a comprehensive suite of antivirus, firewall, ransomware and Internet features, all built in to their devices.

Thousands of apps

Work, play, create, stream, meet, share, and more with thousands of trusted apps from the Microsoft Store. Windows 10 also boasts touchscreen innovations.

Operating Systems

imageHOLDERS’ design enclosures for multiple tablets, computers, screens and devices. This ensures we have a broad spectrum of knowledge across a variety of operating systems, therefore we have the expertise to work with your current operating system and, if necessary, we are well informed to advise which operating system suits your business’ requirements best.

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More iH Supported Operating Systems


imageHOLDERS have worked with multiple businesses who exclusively use an Android operating system. Our Android tablet kiosk enclosures are ideal for Android digital signage and android tablet display, whilst the Android touch screen kiosk remains entirely interactive and user-friendly.


iOS, exclusive to Apple devices, remains one of the most sought after operating systems on the market. iPad and other Apple devices are widely used for both business and personal use. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive knowledge when it comes to designing any iOS stand, iOS tablet kiosk or iOS digital signage.


Android is powered by the Linux operating system. Linux can be installed for no or low-cost and has evolved into one of the most reliable computer ecosystems on the planet. Therefore, a Linux kiosk may be the perfect solution for your business. We have experience with both Linux digital signage and Linux touch screen interactive kiosks.

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