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When Just a Tablet Isn’t Enough: The Tablet Kiosk Solution

iPad and tablet enclosures have revolutionised the way we interact with technology, from watching TV to creating work reports, it’s hard to find an activity where we don’t want a screen to do it with.

The increase in smartphone size, influenced by consumer demand, has created the phablet (tablet-sized phones); removing the need for tablets for personal use. So, while consumers may still be investing in tablet technology, businesses are too. Tablet enclosure technology is turning the retail and self-service industries on their heads.

From complex multi-device interactive tablet kiosks to simple tablet enclosures, the power of touchscreen technology has changed everything from check-in desks at airports to mobile photo booths. We have become accustomed to tapping our way to success.

The Changing Face of Interactive Kiosks

Traditional large interactive kiosks were revolutionary when they first engrained themselves in everyday life, from restaurants to museums, they were a fantastic system for businesses. They could inform and interact with customers in an easy and inviting way. Tablet kiosks are the natural progression from traditional kiosks, they’re smaller, less intimidating, and a great way to engage with customers using a well-known user interface.

Tablet enclosures can vary, from size to function and there is no traditional tablet, just an ever-evolving variant. Tablet kiosks, therefore, must constantly change as well.

Tablets began to shrink in size with Apple’s iPad Mini, before growing again with Samsung’s giant 18.4-inch Galaxy View tablet. Not only do tablet kiosks have to evolve with the tablet, but the demographics which tablet kiosks are aimed at will also have to change too.

When a Tablet Just Isn’t Enough

Traditional large interactive kiosks contained multiple devices, making them functional but somewhat clunky. When smaller tablet enclosures started encroaching on the space previously occupied by the larger units, kiosk manufacturers like imageHOLDERS decided to combine a simple tablet with a printer or scanner to create a versatile solution.

A simple tablet enclosure on its own can perform a variety of functions, but combined with devices such as cash acceptors, printers and scanners, the door is opened for the future of self-service and POS kiosks.

Self-service kiosks for express check-outs seen in supermarkets enable multiple check-out points with one or two members of staff to assist the process. The floor space occupied provides further value to the store and the customer journey is improved. Someone who simply wants to buy a pint of milk can pay quickly without lengthy queues.

Tablet kiosks are evolving at a rapid rate to meet growing consumer demand. From simple wall-mounted iPad enclosures for iPad Minis to floor standing 42” tablet kiosks with contactless readers, cash acceptors and ticket printers, design companies are adapting them to suit a range of purposes.

When is a Tablet Enclosure Not a Kiosk?


Tablet enclosures are essentially holders for tablets and iPads. Secure tablet enclosures are ideal for use in high foot traffic environments. and a simple tablet enclosure can be counter, floor or wall-mounted. Providing versatility; they are a simple solution with a big impact.

Early adopters in the technology such as McDonald’s, invested time and development into utilising tablet enclosures, paving the way for other businesses to follow suit. Used through simple entertainment hubs or digital catalogues, it wasn’t long before someone said, can we make it do a little bit more and add a device? And so, tablet enclosures became touch screen kiosks.

Interactive Kiosks and Devices

By combining devices with touchscreen kiosk technology, there is no limit to the solutions businesses can create. A 15” touchscreen can be built with a cash acceptor, printer and contactless card reader can be used in a number of different ways, including betting kiosks, self-check in kiosks in a hotel and even gym check-in solutions.

Multi-device tablet kiosks present multiple solutions. By identifying areas of the business which require automation, updating or a complete overhaul, touchscreen kiosks can establish a joined-up approach to the businesses. With the capability of hosting any software and working with any devices, kiosks can be adapted to your needs.

Where Are We Now?

Over the years, imageHOLDERS have been approached by a variety of different companies, from retail to betting, looking to invest in tablet kiosk technology. Around 6 years ago, companies who trialled these solutions decided that it was too early to fully adopt and to be the ones leading the future. Other companies such as McDonald’s took the time to develop and invest in these systems, and now, those who looked into the technology 6 years ago, are rushing to catch up.

The Future of Tablet Enclosures

While the traditional kiosk was replaced by the secure tablet enclosure, that too is seeing the market change. Tablet enclosures are now being transformed into multi-channel solutions, capable of performing several tasks at once. A tablet kiosk can do so much more than a tablet just on its own. And with the development of smaller devices suited for kiosk integration, sometimes a tablet just isn’t enough, instead, you need a kiosk.

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