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Slimline Product Family

The Slimline kiosk is sleek, stylish and fits most tablets up to 12.9”. Ideal as a business solution to manage meeting rooms or as an information point.

Designed to sit flush against any wall or glass surface, the Slimline 10+ kiosk can integrate additional devices alongside the tablet or touch screen to create a multi-device solution. The Slimline kiosk is perfect for managing access control or time and attendance for businesses or education environments.

Slimline 10

For smaller tablets, up to 10.9″, the Slimline 10 is perfect for visitor management and access control as it can be discreetly and aesthetically fitted to the wall on entry.

We also offer the Slimline 10+, for the added option to integrate devices.


Slimline 10+

The Slimline 10+ can integrate a small device such as a 1D/2D scanner or an NFC reader.

This ensures the Slimline 10+ is a perfect solution for taking quick and easy payment, granting access or scanning membership cards.

This enclosure can be either wall mounted, floor standing or mounted to the counter.

Slimline 12

The Slimline 12 is designed to fit larger tablets up to 12.9″, the enclosure is a perfect fit for the new iPad Pro.

The Slimline 12 is made from steel and boasts a dual locking system for extra security.

This enclosure is most often used for access control, digital signage and room booking.

Schematic demonstrating the use of multi-channel kiosk solutions in the retail industr

Slimline Kiosk Applications

Our kiosks are widely versatile across multiple sectors and environments, from leisure centres to high-security offices and retail to hospitals. In each industry, the kiosks promote efficiency, increase security and boost revenue.

Below, we have an example of a retail environment and just some of the locations where kiosk solutions can be deployed to push business forward.

Device Integration

The Slimline 10+ can integrate devices such as NFC/ RFID readers, barcode scanners, biometric scanners and readers, card readers, USB and ethernet Hubs or webcams and facial recognition cameras.

Popular Device Integrations

NFC/RFID Readers

Biometric Scanners

Payment Devices

1D/2D/QR Code Scanners


Today, the consideration of your kiosk audience and their requirements is essential.

The Slimline Family boasts a wide range of features to improve accessibility and is fully ADA/DDA compliant.

The option of a headphone audio jack and added braille on the bezel ensures that the kiosk is functional for all.

Additional integrated devices, such as a nav-pad, external keyboard and the ability to install coiled cables enable lower reaches to PEDs and other devices.

Slimline Kiosk Industries

Wayfinding & Digital Signage

Leisure & Entertainment



Visitor Management

Office & Meeting Rooms

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Colour & Branding

All our kiosks can be finished in different colours and branding, bespoke to your business.

A professional finish with clear signage elevates your consumer journey and promotes efficiency.

The Slimline family comes in black and white as standard. Custom colours are available as an additional option.

Optional brandable backboards can be added to the Slimline, allowing for clear signage and advertising to be displayed. Branded backboards increase engagement with the kiosk and ensure the correct usage via clear instructional signage. Branding backboards fit the Slimline into it’s required environment seamlessly. Customisation of the displays gives a completely cohesive finish within the space in which the kiosk is deployed.

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