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4 Ways to Improve Office Management with an Office Kiosk

Why is efficiency such a buzz word for business? Because it defines the ability to accomplish a task using the least amount of time whilst achieving the best possible quality. An efficient business will be more productive, thus leading to greater output and more profit. Technology is the leader in improving this due to its ability to streamline current processes, make them more accurate and easier to review.

An example of how technology can improve efficiency is by modernizing and reducing time spent on office management. Fortunately, imageHOLDERS’ combines technology and office management into cost-effective, future proof solutions; integrated office kiosks.

Find examples of how office kiosks can streamline office management operations:

  1. Reduce admin and work more effectively

An interactive kiosk can be an access point for everyone in the office, providing resources and answers to questions quickly and with ease. A few examples of how office kiosks can help make processes more streamlined are:

  • Booking meeting rooms – set a calendar view to see when they the room is empty and make a booking.
  • Access point to see the entire office calendar, and to see what days people have off.
  • Log requests to speak to HR, or department managers. This would be particularly helpful in larger companies. Imagine that a department manager has 7 people emailing asking to discuss their project or query. Office kiosks make it easy to log requests and manage these, as well as to see the availability for a meeting.

Additionally, an office information kiosk that employees interact with makes it an excellent place for the positioning of company announcements, events and news that companies want employees to be aware of.


  1. Save time and increase efficiency

Placing a tablet kiosk in meeting rooms will allow for the minutes-taker to type notes straight onto the system. This not only saves time later writing up those notes, but it’s more efficient. As tablet technology is familiar, it will be faster for individuals. Cloud-based working allows for the seamless uploading and saving of company files in a secure, easily accessible and company-wide location.

We recommend the Loxo 10 secure tablet stand. It fits most tablets, is fully secure and is easy to install, ensuring minimal disruptions.


  1. Employee and visitor management system

Integrated kiosks are an ideal visitor access control system for busy offices. Significantly reduce queues and enable visitors to check-in quickly with this easy-to-use system. imageHOLDERS kiosk solutions can also include printer device integration, allowing for the printing of visitor badges for access.

Access control kiosks can restrict access to resources or rooms during certain times for seamless access control. A fingerprint attendance system is typically a cost-effective alternative to keys, fobs or keypad locks. When employees leave the business, their details can be easily wiped; locks or keypad codes don’t need to be changed!

Both kiosk solutions above are beneficial for managing both building and room access to contractors. Their arrival can be logged, so the time spent on the premises can be tracked. This is beneficial if they are charging by the hour as a record will be stored. Access cards can be created and printed, with a set usage time-frame, and restrictions added to any areas that they aren’t permitted to enter.


  1. Time and attendance systems

Significantly reduce the time it takes for workers to clock-in to just a couple of taps on a tablet

Employees can log their attendance with a biometric attendance system. This kiosk solution can be added to reception areas for employees to use to submit their entrance and exit from the building. This quick method of checking-in is a non-disruptive attendance-tracking solution for companies looking to streamline current time and attendance systems.

Unsure about how to proceed? Studies show that by undertaking an employee survey, staff will feel like their opinion is valued. It’s a win-win, as whilst valuable data is collected to inform process improvement, employees will be made to feel better having been asked for their feedback.

Browse our range of iPad and tablet kiosks online and discover ways you can change the dynamics of your business with our innovative solutions today. For more information, get in touch with the imageHOLDERS team by calling +44 (0)1202 892863 (UK) or +1 877 450 2172 (US) or email [email protected].