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3 ways to use technology to organise the perfect meeting

Organising a meeting is never easy. There are multiple things to consider, from attendees availability to visual aids and necessary hospitality. With all these different variables you would think that organising a venue would be the simplest part. But the venue can be the stumbling block for any well organised meeting.

Even if everyone is available on a set date, that doesn’t mean that the room is free, and typically organising a conference room isn’t a simple process. If you have managed to book a suitable venue and are all ready to go, there’s always a chance that the room has been double booked, or people may struggle to find the room and consequently be delayed, affecting carefully planned agenda timings.

How can technology help with meeting room management?

In some cases meeting organisers are not always taking advantage of technology that is available to support their needs. In between cross referencing with office administrators, paper diaries and others schedules, it’s no surprise that what should be the simplest part of organising a meeting, can sometimes be the hardest.

In a world where your phone can remind you to take chicken out of the freezer or when apps exist to tell you exactly how many calories you can consume, surely there is no excuse for double booking a room!

There are multiple cost effective technology products available to support attendee registration, room booking, and room management.

1. Online attendee registration

A tool that can save you a great deal of time and human resources is an online attendee registration system. As in the case of strategic meeting management tools, there are many systems available. There are some open source free ones available online, that can be very useful:

  • eventsbot is an online event software catered towards aiding event planners with online registration which can be completed from anywhere in the world.
  • OSEM (Open source event management) allows you to create a website for your event with a detailed schedule and information page. Planners can track everything from registration to sponsorship in the dashboard.

However, if you require a more extensive meeting support package you maybe interested in these providers:

  • Eventbrite is an online website where you can create a custom page in minutes, promote the event on social media and create a plug in to your website while tracking real time progress.
  • Cvent is event management software which enables website design, email marketing to be branded and collect data through the database management.

2. Meeting room booking apps

There are a multitude of meeting room software, apps and solution providers which are suited to organising room availability and timetabling. These apps can monitor the availability of rooms to give up to date information when organising a venue. There are a few free open source meeting room management apps available:

  • MRBS is versatile in its use, from meeting room timetabling to restaurant table management it’s simple to follow instructions with multiple languages available.
  • Skedda showing real time room availability with easy to use interface which is free for up to 15 spaces, or rooms.

If you need a professional package there are products available to purchase which are customisable from the providers which may better suit your requirements:

  • YArooms  allows you to schedule and manage meeting rooms and office spaces, as well as providing analysis on the room resources and the revenue brought in.
  • Schedulla offer a simple to use interface which you can use anywhere in the office.

3. Interactive room management and entry system

Integrating entry systems into tablet enclosures improves the security of the building and allows for up to date information for building capacities. These pay for packages allow for a variety of different room management applications including virtual receptionists and the management of visitor access.

  • AskCody offers a variety of different options alongside its room management software such as digital wayfinding and a virtual receptionist.
  • VisitLog visitor management and registration system allowing for control over the visitor access and manage visitor traffic effectively.

What is the best way to display meeting room information?

Tablet kiosks and iPad enclosures are a great solution to displaying important real time room booking information outside an office meeting room. The tablet enclosure is stylish, versatile and secure and can display a range of apps and operating systems.

The tablet enclosure also displays important information about who has organised the meeting, a list of attendees, how long the room is booked for and when it is next available.By utilizing technology, software can be available on the tablet enclosure that manages room availability and timetabling, which is connected to personal computers, tablets and mobiles, allowing for an easy instantaneous solution to room management.

Improving security with room access control

The tablet enclosure and iPad kiosk can also be used for access control with simple device integration such as a scanner for employee ID or visitor badges, it can control entry into the room improving security.

Glass meeting room? No problem

We have developed a unique solution to securely mount tablet enclosures to glass walls, such as meeting rooms. We have sourced and incorporated specialist adhesive tape into the tablet enclosure design, to ensure a durable long term bond with a quick and residue free removal.

The adhesive tape can only be accessed for removal from inside the tablet enclosure which requires the key to a secure locking mechanism, ensuring the highest level of security. The fixing is flexible and if the tablet enclosure needs to be relocated this can be achieved easily in house with no specialist tools required.

Our Tablet Enclosures

The Slimline iPad and tablet kiosk is the first in the imageHOLDERS range to incorporate the adhesive system into the enclosure, with the Core 8 enclosure being compatible with a new bracket imageHOLDERS are developing, and other ranges following suit in the future.

For more information

Explore the possibilities of glass mounting a tablet kiosk from imageHOLDERS. Talk to a member of our team today to find out the tablet enclosure to best suit your purposes and let us answer any questions you may have. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, it’s likely we’ll be able to create it so call us on 01202 892 863 (UK) or +1 877 450 2172 (US). Alternatively you can email [email protected].