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Kiosks for Marketing

Self-Service POS Terminals for Retail


Interactive kiosks optimise your in-store, location or event marketing at the venue by creating a consumer-centric user journey. Eye-catching digital signage is easily digestible, interactive and engaging and reach a wider audience by promoting accessibility.

Kiosks integrated with payment devices can upsell customers on the spot, receive valuable feedback and encourage post-visit engagement by offering extra content via a mailing list sign up. 

Marketing Kiosk Functions

  • Sharing useful and engaging information
  • Sharing promotions or marketing material
  • Upselling products or services
  • Encouraging post-visit engagement
  • Capturing valuable feedback data
  • POS self-service kiosks 
  • Helping customers and visitors navigate the premises
  • Checking-in to venues
  • Entertainment kiosks
  • Enhanced safety – good PR

Popular Device Integrations

Barcode & QR Code Scanners

POS Payment Devices



imageHOLDERS kiosks are built bespoke for your specifications. Learn more about our process or talk to a member of our friendly team about our standard kiosk, computer or digital display solutions.

Benefits Using Kiosks for Marketing

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Easy navigation and sharing interesting, helpful and engaging information adds value to a venue.

Gain Valuable Feedback

Interactive kiosks can engage customers with surveys to gather valuable feedback data.

Boost Revenue

Utilising interactive kiosks to create an intelligent and attractive user journey encourages engagement and creates more sales.

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