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5 Things You’d Be Surprised Digital Signage Can Do

Digital signage can do so much more than the name would indicate. More than purely signage, and more than digital, digital signage can support a variety of different functions. From airports to fast food chains, it’s difficult to find a sector which hasn’t been influenced by digital signage kiosks.

We look at just five of the solutions which digital signage can provide.

1. Marketing

One of the best things to happen to marketing is the possibilities which digital signage kiosks provide. From rolling banners at bus stops to upselling meals at fast food restaurants, the large displays provide bright and compelling visuals to inspire.

From a simple mounted TV screen, to large touchscreen kiosks, marketing can be interactive such as Misereor’s social swipe, where passersby can swipe their card to slice a loaf of virtual bread, donating money for a family in Peru. Not a traditional form of digital signage, this use of marketing shows how varied the term digital signage is.

2. Wayfinding

From simple city maps to theme park signage wayfinding is digitising. Shopping centres have digital signage which helps customers find their destination, showing the quickest route to their store. Airports have rolled out digital signage, allowing users to scan their boarding pass to find their gate quickly, providing an estimated time to walk to their gate.

Wayfinding maps do more than simply indicate where you are, if paired with a printer, users can print out a map, assisting them to find their destination.

3. Exhibitions

Showing messages from sponsors, scheduling information, corporate branded information or navigational information, exhibitions are being revolutionised with digital signage, ideal for those running the exhibition as well as those with individual stands.

But it’s not just the trade show side of exhibitions that is seeing the game change. Museum exhibitions are providing interactive displays to help users better understand the showing, from trivia to games, digital signage can be a virtual tour guide.

4. Menus

We’ve all seen digital signage at fast food outlets and mistaken it for a simple menu. From Dominos screens showing where your order is in the process of being cooked, to McDonald’s screens showing different meals, drinks and more. Menus aren’t just for prices and descriptions.

Drive through lanes, with IP rated screens for weathering all manner of rain and storms, is another form of digital signage. Easily updated and rolled out, digital menus provide more control over out of stock meals or changes in price.


From stock information in big banks, to flight information at airports, digital signage provides copious amounts of live information which can be updated quickly and remotely. These screens don’t often include interactivity, but paired with wayfinding functionality, information kiosks aren’t just placed in one category.

Digital signage is a tricky solution to define, capable of performing various tasks, touchscreen technology has revolutionised the market, creating self-service solutions for a variety of sectors.

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