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Hospital Digital Signage & Wayfinding

Digital signage in hospitals enhances the experience of both patients and staff. Utilising technology for medical digital signage and hospital wayfinding solutions is by far the most effective way to direct patients around the premises, improve internal and external communications and reduce patient anxiety.

Hospital Digital Signage & Wayfinding

Hospitals and healthcare environments are often large and difficult to navigate. Digital healthcare kiosks eliminate this issue by using clear and visual screens to effectively guide patients and visitors in the right direction.

Using healthcare digital signage and screen enclosures for wayfinding helps people get to their appointments on time, reducing waiting times for other patients. Being able to navigate to a destination more easily positively impacts the patient’s hospital experience.

Clear hospital wayfinding solutions also reduces strain on healthcare staff as it removes the responsibility of directing patients and visitors, giving them more time to focus on important role-specific tasks.

Healthcare Digital Signage

Digital signage is the most effective way of communicating messages to staff and patients. Information on general health advice and guidelines can be displayed visually and clearly on screens. And sharing clear and accurate healthcare information is more important now than ever before.

Reduce Patient Anxiety with Hospital Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage in hospitals can be used to display appointment information and wait times. Visiting a doctor or nurse can be worrying for patients and knowing more information about their appointment can help to reduce patient anxiety.

Anxiety can also be reduced by sharing engaging and informative content such as information about the doctors and healthcare staff on shift that day and reassuring statistics and success stories on medical digital signage totem kiosks.

Surgical waiting rooms can also be stressful environments, so screens can share status updates with family members to ease their worry. This also relieves staff of having to give regular updates.

Multiple sizes of totem computer kiosks

Improve Communications

In addition to improving the patient and visitor experience, hospital digital signage is the quickest way to communicate with people on the premises. Emergency alerts and messages can be synchronised across all displays and deliver important information fast.

Another benefit to communicating via healthcare digital signage, rather than old-fashioned pinboards, is that information, menus, marketing and more can be updated quickly and easily when required.

This is also relevant for internal communications, as digital signage can be deployed in staff areas to share information about rotas, protocols and task reminders.

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