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Patient Self-Check-In Kiosks

Self-check-in kiosks offer a digital upgrade for hospitals and GP surgeries in the healthcare sector. These kiosks, equipped with appointment management system software within a secure enclosure, can enhance operational efficiency, minimise human error, and decrease patient waiting times. Discover how patient check-in kiosks can improve your patient experience.

ImageHolders patient check-in kiosk.

Improve Efficiency With Medical Self-Check-In Kiosks

Healthcare and medical kiosks can boost efficiency and shorten waiting times in clinics and hospitals. Rather than joining a long queue at a reception desk, patients can check in with ease using a self-service system. This not only reduces waiting times but also minimises the need for manual data entry and staffing.

Each patient self-check-in kiosk is seamlessly integrated with an appointment management system. This is then synchronised with the primary system of hospital or surgery. Staff can then manage patient waiting times and promptly relay messages or updates to reception or doctors’ computers. This provides reassurance to patients, confirming that their check-in details are securely recorded in the system.

Desktop medical self-check-in kiosk.

Enhanced Safety for Staff and Patients

Patient check-in kiosks improve infection control by minimising face-to-face contact. For instance, with an electronic patient check in, there is significantly less risk of exposure to germs among staff and patients. This is particularly important in places where there are often people who are ill.

The user journey of the patient is managed electronically from registration right through to their appointment. As such, a healthcare check-in kiosk protects the staff from sickness and strengthens the setting’s workforce.

Self-check-in kiosk within a hospital.

Develop Clear Communication

Healthcare check-in kiosks can display digital signage to communicate clear messages or instructions, share important information, or provide wayfinding help. This frees up staff time to focus on other responsibilities while also improving the patient experience.

Staff check-in kiosk for hospitals.

Offering Triage Solutions

Patient check-in kiosks for the healthcare sector can also double up as e-Triage solutions. This is a more efficient way of managing multiple patients in an understaffed, high-stress environment.

The medical kiosk can be integrated to use smart algorithms that prioritises patients depending on the urgency of treatment required. It can also redirect patients that might benefit from a different type of care to elsewhere in the hospital.

Diagram of a hospital ward with self-check-in kiosks.

Increase User Satisfaction

Patient check-in kiosks empower individuals by allowing visibility of their own record and appointment experience. This passes the responsibility of verifying information and updating profiles from reception staff to the patient, lessening the chances of human error.

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