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Patient Self-Check-In Kiosks

Healthcare medical check-in kiosks digitally empower hospitals and GP surgeries. Appointment management system software integrated into a self-service kiosk enclosure improves efficiency, reduces the risk of human error and lowers waiting times.

Improve Efficiency With Self-Service Check-In Kiosks

Self-check in healthcare and medical kiosks boost efficiency and reduce waiting times in waiting rooms. Rather than joining a long queue for reception, patients can check in at the GP surgery or hospital check-in kiosk. The appointment management system software that is installed on the self-service check-in kiosk is coordinated with the hospital or surgery’s master electronic system.

This synchronisation of technical devices allows for staff to have an overview of patients waiting and to send immediate messages or changes to the reception or doctors’ computers. This is reassuring to the patient, as they know their medical check-in has been recorded on the system.

Enhanced Safety for Staff and Patients

Hospital check-in kiosks enhance infection control as face-to-face contact is reduced by the implementation of self-service kiosk solutions. Redirecting patients to interactive self-service check-in kiosks reduces risk of staff and patient exposure to infection and germs from other sick patients.

By utilising technology, electronic patient check-in will manage the user journey of the patient from registration to their appointment. Thus, protecting staff from sickness and strengthening the healthcare setting’s workforce.

Clear Communication

Healthcare check-in kiosks can display digital signage to communicate clear messages or instructions, share important information or provide wayfinding help. This frees up staff’s time to focus on other responsibilities and reassures the patient.

Offering Triage Solutions

Medical patient check-in kiosks can double up as e-Triage solutions. This is a more efficient way of managing many patients in an understaffed, high-stress environment. The digital healthcare kiosk solution can use smart algorithms to prioritise patients that need urgent treatment, and redirect patients that might benefit from a different type of care, which isn’t available in the emergency department.

Health care kiosk example floor plan

Increase User Satisfaction

Patient self-service check-in kiosks empower patients by allowing visibility of their own record and their appointment experience. Digitally displaying their data passes the responsibility of verifying information and updating profiles from reception staff to the patient. This is less likely to result in human error.

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