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Payment Kiosks

The surge in self-service requires a payment kiosk with a card reader. Our payment kiosks combine an iPad or table stand with card readers and other chip and pin devices, allowing for efficient and safe purchases on self-service kiosks. These are ideal for retail, restaurants and hospitality, particularly in high footfall settings.

Slimline countertop self-service kiosk with Miura card reader by imageHOLDERS

Tablet Kiosk with Contactless, Card Readers & Chip & Pin Devices

imageHOLDERS integrate a wide range of magnetic swipe readers (MSR) for credit cards, chip and pin devices and contactless payment readers into payment kiosks. Chip and pin devices work with EMV payment cards. Payment cards that comply with EMV are often called Chip and Pin or Chip and Signature Cards. By using a tablet kiosk with contactless integrated card readers, you can create a POS system that is fit for purpose regardless of technology changes in the payment industry. This means that whatever payment your client chooses to use, you can accept.

Contactless Payment

Touch payment is the process of using Mifare and NFC to make secure payments using a variety of different devices such as credit cards, debit cards, smart cards and smartphones. An iPad or tablet stand with a card reader can easily take contactless payment from any compatible device. This quick and secure process allows the user to pay using their device at a payment kiosk.

Apple Pay

All tablet kiosks with contactless are compatible with Apple Pay. This is a mobile payment or digital wallet service provided by Apple Inc which works using Apple Pay compatible devices. Apple Pay does not require specific contactless payment terminals but works with existing NFC POS payment kiosks.

Contactless Payment

An easy and secure way to pay for purchases costing £45 (this was increased from £30 in the UK as of 2020 – limits vary depending on the country) and under. Eligible cards have a contactless icon on the card.

On devices that support contactless payment, there is an ability to spend over £30 by verifying yourself on the device. E.g., through a passcode or fingerprint which can confirm your identity.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a mobile payment or digital wallet service created by Google. This allows users to store data such as credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards and gift cards on their mobile phones. Google wallet does not require special contactless payment terminals but works with existing NFC POS payment kiosks.

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Payment in Industries


Any retail business that sells products or takes payment would benefit from an iPad kiosk with card reader. Payment kiosks dramatically improve efficiency and increase revenue.


Check-in kiosks and self-check in hotels or premises can rely on an iPad stand with a card reader to take payment for additional services or last minute check-ins, meaning night staff can be reduced.


Waiters can quickly, safely and efficiently take payment on a portable payment kiosk or at the purchase counter. Tablet kiosks with contactless and integrated payment can also be deployed.

Working with imageHOLDERS

We aim to understand your business, problem areas, opportunities for growth and goals first. We can then advise and/or build on the best kiosk solution for you that will not only overcome those problem areas but also drive revenue, increase efficiency and promote productivity in the process. Health and safety measures are at the forefront of the design, and we have many devices and accessories that promote necessary precautions.

modular kiosk solution

Add-On Devices

imageHOLDERS enclosures are built using a modular architecture, making it easy to integrate and/or retro-fit the devices that your business requires. We are proud to remain software and hardware agnostic, allowing your business to have the perfect combination of devices to increase revenue, productivity, efficiency and engagement within its industry. Find out more about our process.

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