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Kiosks for Occupancy Tracking or Footfall

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Visitor management and entry kiosks are not only ideal for managing access and increasing security, but for tracking the amount of people who enter the venue or premises. This is an efficient and accurate way of managing when a venue is at occupancy or for marketing/data analysis purposes to track the footfall. 

Occupancy tracking kiosks give invaluable insight into business trends and success of marketing campaigns. This allows companies to plan informed marketing strategy, whilst preparing their work force for the expected footfall based on previous tracking.

Occupancy Tracking and Footfall Kiosk Functions

  • Alert when venue is at occupancy 
  • Track regular busy times 
  • Analyse marketing campaigns based on footfall
  • Enhanced visitor management
  • Capture valuable feedback data
  • Checking-in to venues
  • Enhanced safety

Popular Device Integrations

Barcode & QR Code Scanners

Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Temperature Check Cameras


imageHOLDERS kiosks are built bespoke for your specifications. Learn more about our process or talk to a member of our friendly team about our standard kiosk, computer or digital display solutions.

Benefits using Kiosks for Occupancy Tracking and Footfall

Informed Approach to Workforce

Tracking the footfall with a kiosk easily highlights busier times and therefore a company can ensure the appropriate amount of staff are in throughout the day.

Gain Valuable Feedback

Interactive kiosks can engage customers with surveys to gather valuable feedback data.

Marketing Analysis & Strategy

Track increases and decreases in footfall against marketing campaigns. This helps analyse the effectiveness of the campaign and inform future strategy.

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