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How digital kiosks can help protect vital resources in the healthcare sector.

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imageHOLDERS work with the healthcare sector to help streamline services and improve efficiencies.


Freya Storey



imageHOLDERS help streamline healthcare services.

Streamlining solutions within healthcare.

In the face of escalating labour costs and staff retention challenges, the healthcare sector is increasingly turning to digital solutions for operational efficiency and patient safety.

Self-service kiosks, offer diverse user journeys and play a crucial role in optimising efficiency. They allow staff to focus on higher-level tasks, relieving the burden of routine health administration duties such as collecting patient information and medical details. The rapid evolution of technology empowers these kiosks to perform a wide range of services, providing streamlined and insightful digital solutions.

Moreover, these kiosks can collect and analyse data, employing highly configurable ISV software tailored to meet business needs. From personalised user journeys to advanced multistep options, self-service kiosks offer inclusive and optimised digital experiences.

The illustration shows two different user journeys on the same self-service kiosk, showcasing the versatility of the solution.

Across the healthcare sector, self-service kiosks offer key benefits, including maximising efficiency, transforming the patient experience through anonymised check-ins, and facilitating staff redeployment for higher-level tasks.

Other key benefits include:

  • Maximising efficiency by reducing waiting times
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Full accessibility (ADA and DDA compliant)
  • Personalised customer interactions based on user history
  • Ergonomics with different hardware mounting options
  • Technology integration (conversational AI, avatars, remote agents, telemedicine)
  • Future-proofed investment with modular, easily adaptable, and maintainable solutions

Providing solutions across the whole of the healthcare sector, self-service kiosks are now being relied upon more than ever, we explore current trends and also look ahead to how solutions are evolving.


In pharmacies, self-service kiosks automate transactions, allowing pharmacists more time for important tasks like offering advice and dispensing prescriptions. Automated tasks include health assessments, prescription orders, and quick purchases.

Kiosks also promote patient autonomy, help with the early detection/diagnosis of healthcare issues, and provide a means of efficient data analysis for stock levels.


Self-service kiosks streamline processes in doctors’ waiting rooms, ensuring for fast and efficient check-ins, quick access to electronic medical records, and secure patient-doctor communication. Patients are able to view and update medical records, collect prescriptions, and experience a more seamless and streamlined healthcare journey.

Hospitals and Accident and Emergency

Self-service kiosks contribute to E-triage digital solutions, complementing the nurse-led triage processes and reallocating staff resources.

Patients answer algorithm-based questions, enabling emergency staff to assess priority levels and respond promptly. Kiosks are also able to provide functions such as wayfinding and digital signage.

Evolving Trends: 

As technology advances, healthcare services must keep pace with demands. Virtual video support and 24/7 virtual assistance can help address staff retention issues. While virtual screening and EConsult remain a constant post-pandemic solution.

IoT continues to open new avenues for healthcare delivery through apps and virtual technology. Working together with our partners imageHOLDERS will continue to listen to the needs of increased demand, in the hope to help safeguard the vital resources within our healthcare system.