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modular kiosk solution

Tablets can be retro fitted into all our enclosures, future-proofing your kiosk enclosure in preparation of upgrades or company changes. Devices can also be retrofitted onto existing enclosures and removed if they are not longer required.

Retrofittable Features


The ability to retro fit tablets into imageHOLDERS enclosures allows for core device upgrades or change.

Add-On Devices

We can retro fit additional devices to existing enclosures. This enhances and optimises your kiosk enclosure depending on the current climate or requirements.

Modular Design

Our modular design approach gives you freedom to add or remove the devices that you need, imminently and further down the line.

Mount Types

imageHOLDERS provide multiple options for your kiosk mount, so there will always be the ideal solution for your business and user journey. As standard, we provide floor standing enclosures, tablet counter mounts, tablet kiosk wall mounts and portable handheld kiosks. Tablets can be retrofitted into kiosk mounts and our products are DDA/ADA compliant.

More imageHOLDERS Kiosk Mounting Options

Four examples of countertop tablet kiosk enclosures by imageHOLDERS

Countertop & Counter Mounted Kiosks

Our kiosk enclosures are be built to be simply fitted onto a table or countertop. Tablet countertop stands are ideal solutions for retail, hospitality, restaurants and entertainment settings, as well as within the office and education sectors. An iPad kiosk table mount or tablet counter mount engages customers, improves efficiency and drives revenue. Kiosk table stands are secure due to the locking iPad or tablet mount system and provides great digital signage.

Four examples of freestanding tablet kiosk enclosures by imageHOLDERS

Floor Standing

Our free standing computer kiosk and free standing tablet kiosk are two of the most sought after kiosk enclosures that we design and build. Freestanding touch screen kiosks are versatile and can be deployed in multiple locations, allowing for changes in the interior design. Freestanding tablet kiosks are the perfect height for staff or customers to engage easily and efficiently.

imageHOLDERS interactive digital signage mounted to a white wall

Wall Mounted Kiosks

imageHOLDERS tablet kiosk wall mount is unobtrusive and ideal for tight spaces or entry points. iPad and tablet enclosure wall mounts can be fitted at the ideal height for the user and don’t take up any floor space. A wall mounted touch screen kiosk is sleek and neat without compromising on performance.

Example of portable handheld tablet kiosk enclosures by imageHOLDERS

Portable & Handheld

A handheld kiosk is ideal for businesses that need technology whilst on the move. Portable touch screen kiosks are great for restaurants, hospitality, events, exhibitions, stockroom management and customer service in retail stores, to name a few. Portable enclosures allow for the upmost versatility.

DDA / ADA Compliant

Our custom built kiosks are designed to be DDA / ADA Compliant. Therefore, our ADA kiosk solutions can be universally used by those with different requirements. For example, ADA kiosk requirements include adding braille to the bezel and a headphone jack to the enclosure.

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