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imageHOLDERS worked with Chiktopia to create self-service POS kiosks for the launch of their new restaurant.

The Client

Chiktopia is a new fast-food restaurant in the UK based around expertly selected, high-quality ingredients. The search for ‘chicken paradise’ led two friends, one from London and from California to open their own chicken restaurant. Their new chicken concept can be found at the Intu Lakeside food hall in Thurrock, Essex.

As an innovative start-up business, Chiktopia wanted their restaurant to feature the latest fast food kiosk technology to offer the best customer experience.

The Solution

Global consumer demand for self-checkout kiosks in fast-food restaurants has grown rapidly. Interactive kiosks have revolutionised the dining experience. 47% of diners say they use self-service kiosk technology to customise their orders.

Chiktopia approached digital kiosk manufacturer, imageHOLDERS to create a custom-made self-ordering POS kiosk. We designed a Shell+ 22 compact tablet kiosk solution with a barcode scanner, receipt printer and pin entry device.

The restaurant’s new touchscreen fast food kiosks allow customers to order their food with ease. The digital kiosks also improve food waiting times by cutting down on long queues.

The Results

Fast-food giants have led the way for competitors, who are realising the value of digital kiosk solutions. Chiktopia’s new interactive self-checkout kiosks allow them to stay ahead in the fast-food industry.

With the fast food self-service kiosk, customers can tailor their orders to their exact specifications. This creates a customer-centric menu experience that caters for vegans, vegetarians and everything in between.

Their touch screen POS kiosks offer improved customer service. They deliver a consistent interaction, meeting customer expectations every time.

Benefits of Fast Food Self-Service Kiosks

Improve communication and customer behaviour insights

Collect valuable customer data about time spent on the POS kiosk and choice of payment.

Reduce waiting and response times

Self-checkout kiosks are available 24/7 ensuring can always make a purchase.

Increase customer loyalty

By investing in customers and their choice of payment, customer loyalty increases.

Provide the ultimate customer experience

By providing self-service POS kiosks, staff can assist in other areas of the customer journey. This allows businesses to provide an enhanced customer experience.

Meeting the customer expectation of paying via retail kiosks

Whether contactless, Apple Pay or traditional chip and pin, all payment methods are available with kiosk POS systems.

Increase awareness and upsell with digital advertising

Tablet and iPad POS kiosks can advertise and upsell products and offer loyalty schemes and vouchers in one stylish solution.

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