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imageHOLDERS have worked with Picsolve on assisted and self service kiosks used at Thorpe Park.

The Client

Thorpe Park is one of the largest theme parks in the UK, with 1.8 million visitors per year. The park features 29 different attractions including water rides and roller coasters.

Picsolve are content creation pioneers, capturing  photos and videos of  memoriesthat people want to relive and share. They work with destinations such as theme parks, sporting events, museums and monuments. Established in 1994, Picsolve has grown to be the world’s number one content creation company. They have over 500 installations worldwide, now including Thorpe Park in the UK.

imageHOLDERS created a suite of multi-device self and assisted POS kiosks for Thorpe Park, one of the UK’s largest theme parks.

The Solution

We got to work transforming the photo order points into an interactive experience. To do this we implemented a multi-device interactive kiosk solution. This included a counter-mounted Shell +15 tablet enclosures with an under counter unit. The under counter unit houses a kiosk receipt printer. The aim was to enable staff to add to the customer experience, focussing on the customer journey and reducing queuing time for ride photos.

Our POS kiosk solutions are being used across the park for many popular rides such as Nemesis, Stealth and Colossus. This means that the artwork was different for each ride. We provided unique under-counter panels to ensure that the branding was in line with the colour palette and design of each ride. We also used an interchangeable board that sat above the enclosure. This can be easily updated with different branded backboards, making it future proof.

The Results

The Shell+15 tablet POS kiosk enclosure has many advantages. It provides a highly secure solution, designed specifically for use in heavy footfall environments. These enclosures were also designed to work in several ways. The interactive kiosks can be wall mounted and mounted within a counter alongside the original tills. This combines the assisted service, with the new self-service method. With our solutions added across the park, staff were able to add a more personal touch  centred around superb customer service. It gives staff more time available to assist customers and therefore providing an improved experience for all. Our digital kiosks have led to staff feeling empowered whilst also embedding digital automation into the user journey.

By using several different mounting methods, Thorpe Park were able to utilise space in an effective manner. This is especially important during busy periods, such as in the peak of summer.

Benefits of QSR POS Kiosks

Improve communication and customer behaviour insights

Collect valuable customer data regarding time spent on the POS kiosk and choice of payment.

Reduce waiting and response times

Self-service POS kiosks are available 24/7 ensuring customers are always able to make their purchases.

Increase customer loyalty

By investing in customers and their choice of payment, customer loyalty increases.

Provide the ultimate customer experience

By providing self-service POS terminals, staff are able to assist in other areas of the customer journey. This provides an enhanced customer experience.

Meeting the customer expectation of paying via retail kiosks

Whether contactless, Apple Pay, or traditional chip and pin, all payment methods are available with POS kiosk systems.

Increase awareness and upsell with digital advertising

iPad and Tablet POS kiosks can advertise and upsell products and offer loyalty schemes and vouchers in one stylish solution.

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