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Hotel Kiosks

A single self check-in kiosk can be transformative in a hotel reception. Hotel check-in kiosks improve efficiency, reduce human error and increase customer satisfaction. imageHOLDERS custom hotel self-service kiosks and hotel digital signage solutions provide hotels with the opportunity to service and up-sell customers efficiently, even when members of staff are unavailable.

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Hotel Check In Kiosk

Managing who enters the premises, and how many at a time, is crucial for hospitality. Occupancy or footfall tracking allows staff and customers alike to feel safe in an environment.

Implementing a hotel check-in kiosk on entry can not only help to manage the amount of people going into the hotel, but mitigate the risk of spreading illness. Our Guardian Kiosk Family is designed to ensure that your employees, clients and visitors are protected and safe.

Speedy and Secure Self Check-in Kiosks

Hotel self service kiosks increase customer flow and reduce queues. An added payment device allows for customers to buy optional upgrades for their holiday on the hotel check-in kiosk, thus increasing opportunistic sales and overall revenue.

Additionally, hotel kiosk self check in kiosks can be fitted with anti-microbial screen protectors to reduce the build up of bacteria and germs, whilst reducing glare. These screens are more resilient and can be cleaned with stronger detergents.

Feedback and Customer Service

Hotel kiosk enclosures on the exit of hotels are brilliant for engaging customers to give feedback on their experience. Feedback is imperative for the constant improvements to their facility and for positive reviews to use for marketing. Additionally, hotel self check-in kiosks can be used to request customer service, should there not always be someone present in reception or at the bar.

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Key Benefits

Preferred Payment Method

30% of customers regularly utilise mobile apps to pay at restaurant and hotel POS systems.

Hotel Self Check-in Kiosks

Over 60% of travellers prefer to purchase or reserve hotel services using mobile platforms. Hotel lobby digital signage ensures customers are always able to check in or out with ease and pay outstanding bills quickly and easily.

Back of House Tablet Kiosks

Access control and room management is accessible, improving time management and security

Interactive Entertainment Kiosks

Interactive entertainment kiosks encourage customers to spend more time browsing and increase add on sales.

Digital Loyalty Programmes

By offering incentives within hotels using hotel digital signage, e.g. upgrades for returning guests, hospitality sectors can go digital with their loyalty schemes.

Health & Safety

By integrating health conscious devices such as temperature check kiosks, hand sanitiser dispensers and QR code scanners, hotel check in kiosks can ensure necessary precautions are being taken if required.

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