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Interactive Kiosk Solutions improve efficiency, safety and engagement in education settings, from primary school classrooms to university libraries.

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Benefits of Education Kiosks

Covid-19 Secure Visitor Management

A variety of optional add-on devices, such as hand sanitiser dispenser and fever check cameras, ensure secure and safe visitor management.

Efficient and Accurate Administration

Kiosks speed up administrative tasks and aid classroom management with the appropriate software.

Self-Service Book Rental

School, university and stand-alone libraries will increase book rentals by implementing self-service book rental kiosks.

Increased Engagement

Kiosks have been proven increase engagement and develop IT skills in primary schools.

Sports Hire and Timetable Management

Kiosks can be used for timetable management, booking classrooms and hiring sports equipment.

Canteen & Cafeteria Self-Service

Self-service kiosks can be used to view school and university cafe menus, order food and top-up credit.

Health and safety interactive kiosk

Safeguarding Your School

Not only do kiosks propel business and aid effective learning, they also safeguard the institution with various health and safety measures, which has never been more important than returning to the classroom after lockdown.

Keep Attendance in Check

Kiosks can be used to take the register and automatically log the attendance in the school or education facility’s database. This improves efficiency and reduces the need for paperwork.


Producing Photo IDs

Photo IDs can be printed via a webcam and printer installed onto the kiosk enclosure. This is less time-consuming than having to go through the office management, freeing up the time of staff.

Additionally, this adds an extra level of security when inviting visitors on site.


Safe and Secure Visitor Management

There are many other ways that kiosks can help successfully manage visitors on campus or in schools and libraries, in addition to taking and printing photo identification.

Visitors can sign in at the entrance and register their car numberplate for approved parking, should this be relevant.

Additional devices can be added to visitor management kiosks for added security and safety, such as fever detection infrared thermal cameras, hand sanitiser dispensers, barcode scanners and anti-microbial screens to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs. If you’re interested in security that also mitigates health risks, check out our Guardian Kiosk Family for more information on our products.

For higher security areas on site, biometric scanners can be incorporated, such as facial recognition cameras or fingerprint readers.


Location Insight

Kiosks aren’t limited to reception or entrances. Kiosks can be used in different locations on-site to check into classes or study rooms.

This is especially important for staff and students with free periods in the case of a fire alarm. Should a person not report to a fire assembly point, there will be a record on the system of their last check in location.

Personnel can either check-in manually on the touchscreen or by scanning a Student or Staff ID on an easily installed barcode/QR code scanner.

Wall mounted interactive kiosk at Adelaide University


A kiosk for education is an ideal solution for administrative problems. They can not only work as digital signage for education but also as admin tools.

Timetables at a Glance

Timetables for specific students or classrooms can be stored and displayed on a kiosk tablet. This reduces the need for print outs, which often get lost or damaged – a more environmentally- friendly solution.

Kiosks also help scheduling beyond academia. Extra-curricular activities that are held in sport halls or classrooms can be shown on the kiosk, so students can easily navigate the site and remain organised.


Organised Sports Hire

Implementing a kiosk solution can help a school, club or campus keep tabs on their sporting or extra-curricular activity equipment.

Materials or equipment can be hired by staff and students alike by simply scanning their student ID and a barcode on the item that they’re renting out.


Simple Sign-Ups

With an easily accessible touch screen unit, students can easily sign up to clubs, tutoring and societies with very little difficulty. By making joining extra classes or clubs simpler, there are less excuses and therefore more students will be encouraged to take part.


Inviting Feedback

Surveys will always be important when it comes to improving and maintaining the standards of any institution. Kiosks can help by easily acquiring feedback from visitors, staff and students by deploying the enclosure in an accessible spot with many passers by, such as reception or a central quad.

Primary Education

A school kiosk or interactive kiosk for schools is a brilliant tool across the board, particularly in primary education.

Increasing Attention Spans

The BBC announced that almost 70% of schools in the UK use tablet devices in the classroom. Supplementing aspects of, yet not completely replacing, traditional education with tablet-based exercises in primary schools is helping children become more focused. The interactive environment excites them, leading to increased attention spans, concentration and enhanced knowledge retention.

Children are now growing up with advanced technology from a young age and the touch-interface of tablet kiosks is user friendly to both pupils and teachers. Tablets and iPads are much more intuitive to use compared to laptops, making them an easy device to integrate into the classroom.


Effective Classroom Management

In addition to taking the register, kiosks can also help manage different groups of students, their timetables and projects of work.

This helps both, the teacher and the student, remain organised and follow their progress.


Development of IT Skills

A study in Quebec and Belgium at schools that incorporated tablet kiosks into learning found that tablets improved:

  • Enthusiasm for the learning material
  • The ease of publishing, sharing and searching for information
  • Teamwork
  • IT skills
  • Confidence in individual learning
  • Creativity.

Teachers reported that the efficiency of classroom management and organization improved. Alongside this, teachers can evaluate students, develop their own IT skills and find new ways of teaching vs traditional methods.

Specifically, tablet kiosks installed on lecterns and student desks streamline the learning process; the efficiency of having the internet, informational material and lesson plans distributable between tablets can be invaluable. Security can be ensured via moderation from the school IT team, with a set list of websites only accessible to students via the iPad or tablet kiosk.

Library self service kisok with barcode scanner

University Kiosk

Kiosks in universities can be transformative for both the campus and the learning. They act as brilliant digital signage for universities whilst engaging students, staff and visitors alike.

A Campus Guide

Universities benefit from kiosks to help visitors and students navigate the campus. Kiosks can clearly and effectively display maps and campus amenities. Additionally, software can be installed so that information can be displayed in different languages and, therefore, the university feels more welcoming for international students.

Braille and headphone jacks can also be added to Kiosk enclosures for increased accessibility.

Kiosks on university campuses are not only functional but they promote the university in a fantastic light, shining above other campuses.


Clear Electric Signage

In addition to interactive kiosks, screens can be used for electric signage. Whether this be for directions or important information, it further endorses the university’s range of capabilities.

School or university branding can be proudly added to all kiosks and enclosures.


Encouraging Extra-Curricular

Similar to school sports clubs, kiosks can be used to sign up for various university societies and can be used interactively within the club.

The kiosk can share a club manual, events, schedules and locations for meet ups.


Keeping the Campus Current

Additional hardware and software can be installed onto enclosures and into the kiosk respectively. The inclusion of modern technology keeps the university ahead of it’s competition and helps the campus and university remain current.

Easy-to-install software allows kiosks around the university to be synced to the same system, so that data transfer is efficient and connected.

Additionally, different kiosks can be used in a variety of scenarios and locations to boost student engagement and satisfaction. Students can efficiently check out books in the library and simply order food in the canteen, all from easy-to-use and intuitive kiosk solutions.

Visual of imageHOLDERS restaurant and coffee shop self-service kiosk range


School and University kiosks are ideal for food and beverage locations on the campus. Students quickly and easily navigate menus and order.

Sharing the Menu

Another setting that kiosks thrive in are the cafes and canteens. Screens can display the entire menu and electronic signage on any changes to the menu that particular day.

Additionally, software can be installed so students can order their meals straight off the kiosk, again improving student satisfaction and efficiency.


Adding Credit

Many students, in both schools and universities, have cards or accounts specific to the institution to order food from. These can also be easily topped up on kiosks with the addition of a payment device. Payment devices can be contactless or chip and pin.

Popular Device Integrations


Barcode Scanner


Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Fever Check Camera

Payment Devices

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