imageHOLDERS tablet and iPad kiosks can support any iOS, Windows or Android device, therefore are able to securely enclose a large variety of tablets including all the biggest brands available.

Our approach to tablet kiosk manufacturing remains agnostic towards brands – this allows us to build secure tablet enclosures for the tablet that your company uses and is accustomed to. This ethos also grants us widespread industry knowledge; this insight allows us to provide you with informed recommendations if you have not yet chosen your core device.

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Key Benefits of Tablet Kiosks


Tablet kiosks are ideal for businesses that require portability from their kiosk solution and for conferences, presentations or use as an on-the-go POS kiosk, transportability is crucial.


Tablet kiosks are a highly versatile choice, a simple tablet enclosure can be counter, floor or wall-mounted. With no limit to the number of solutions, a standard 15” tablet kiosk can be designed with printers, scanners and readers, contactless card reader and more.


Tablet kiosks provide a low-cost alternative to computers, even as permanent fixtures. Wall-mounted tablet kiosks present tablets in a practical, low-cost way for applications such as timekeeping, product searches and more.


Touchscreen tablet kiosks offer a lot of interactivity and therefore promote high engagement with customers. Tablet kiosks offer a wide range of apps, therefore hugely versatile and engaging.

Tablet Kiosk Uses

Tablet kiosks can optimise a wide range of industries, sectors and applications. All businesses would benefit from increased productivity, engagement, efficiency and revenue – all of which is improved by a tablet kiosk.

Touchscreen tablet enclosures can be used for digital signage, wayfinding, POS self-service checkouts, digital catalogues and visitor management check-in stations, to name just a few.

Tablet Kiosk Enclosure Popular Use Cases

Wayfinding & Information Points

Digital Catalogues, Articles & Promotions

Visitor Management & Access Control

Digital Menu and Restaurant Self-Service

Payment POS for Self-Checkout

Customer Feedback, Loyalty Schemes & Lead Generation

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