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e-Triage Kiosks

e-triage systems, executed on a self-service healthcare kiosk, use a comprehensive algorithm that can identify a patient’s needs and requirements by assessing their symptoms or level of injury. These electronic triage medical kiosks allow an emergency department to effectively prioritise their care or redirect patients to the appropriate service. As a result, the initial assessment process is accelerated and waiting times are reduced.

Desktop medical self-check-in kiosk.

How e-Triage Medical Kiosks Work

Patients complete a questionnaire on an interactive digital healthcare kiosk on arrival. The electronic triage system checks them in and collects personal details before asking relevant questions to assess their health status. This takes the strain off reception staff and nurses or clinicians who currently carry out the initial personal assessment process.

Diagram of a hospital ward with self-check-in kiosks.

Reduce Queues & Waiting Times

In a conventional emergency department, there is usually only one reception. With multiple self-service kiosk terminals at a safe distance from each other, however, the waiting room space can be utilised to its maximum potential. This heavily reduces queues in the emergency department and, in turn, reduces the transmission of viruses as patients are safely spaced out at the medical patient self-check-in kiosks.

Reducing queues also has a direct impact on waiting times. The interactive A&E triage system can effectively identify the needs of the patients, determining those who may not require emergency services at all. By redistributing patients to other hospital and healthcare services based on their specific symptoms and needs, the waiting times for those requiring urgent care is reduced.

Prioritise Safety & Care

An e-Triage medical kiosk’s ability to filter the patients by their specific needs ensures that the patient gets the most appropriate care. The algorithm of electronic triage systems effectively addresses the severity of the patient’s condition which allows the emergency department to react accordingly.

Patients and healthcare staff can be reassured that life-threatening injuries and people in critical conditions will be prioritised for immediate emergency care. Minor injuries can be de-prioritised to allow for those needing urgent assistance.

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